Mar 23, Arrabidaea chica (HBK) Verlot, Bignoniaceae, is a scrambling shrub native to tropical America, more particularly in the Amazon basin where it. Arrabidaea chica (Humb. & Bonpl.) Verl. Show All Show Tabs cricketvine. General Information. Symbol: ARCH5. Group: Dicot. Family: Bignoniaceae. Duration. A new flavone, 6,7,3′,4′-tetrahydroxymethoxyflavone, named carajuflavone, was isolated from the leaves of the Brazilian plant Arrabidaea chica f. cuprea.

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Cancer is a disease of misguided cells that have high potential of excess proliferation without apparent relation to the physiological demand of the process.

Evaluation of wound healing properties of Arrabidaea chica Verlot extract.

Arq Bras Med Vet Zootec Tumor growth was evaluated by measuring the inoculated footpad thickness with a graduate micrometer Mitutoyo, modelgraduation 0. The retention time of kaempferol was found to be The protocols, antibodies and reagents employed were as per the manufacturer’s recommendations Sigma.

Among individual infectious diseases leishmaniasis is in the ninth position arrabidaa the global burden of diseases. Most chemotherapeutic agents induce collateral effects. Induction of apoptosis by Korean medicine Gagam-whanglyunhaedoktang through activation of caspase-3 in human leukemia cell line, HL cells. However, the ethanol extract EE caused a significant increase in neutrophils count Table 3.

To receive news and publication updates for BioMed Research International, enter your email address in the box below. The tumor cells showed moderate pleomorphism. The role of inflammatory and immune responses in tumor development is unclear.

Linear retention indices LRI were measured by injection of a series of n -alkanes aarrabidaea the same column and conditions as described above and compared with reference data. Alterations in the ultrastructure of the parasites were analyzed by transmission TEM electron microscopy. Analysis of the mononuclear leukocyte subpopulations in blood and tumor tissue by flow cytometry.


Evaluation of Safety of Arrabidaea chica Verlot (Bignoniaceae), a Plant with Healing Properties.

Tumor growth initiates a myriad of functional and phenotypic changes in macrophages and T-cells in association with alterations in cytokine synthesis and responsiveness Walker et al. Chemical investigations have been carried out since the beginning of this century to determine the composition of the A. Three animals from the EE and three animals from the AE group were excluded from this study after the verification of insufficient number of inflammatory cells in the gate of lymphocyte population.

Arrabidaea chica extract improves gait recovery and changes collagen content during healing of the Achilles tendon. Amphotericin B was purchased from Fontoura-Wyeth, Brazil.

BioMed Research International

An intense swelling of the mitochondrion with the presence of vesicles was observed in the parasites. Lima de Medeiros, K. None of the animals arrqbidaea Ehrlich Tumor control group and treated with A. In addition, Lima de Medeiros et al.

Leukocyte infiltration of tumors has been described as playing either inhibitory or stimulatory roles in tumor growth Bergami-Santos et al. The authors attributed the antileishmanial activity of the sterols tested to membrane alterations caused by cholesterol replacement during its biosynthesis. The authors thank Luciana T.

Drug Discov Today Arrabidaea chica HBK Verlot: Pathol Res Pract Chitosan-tripolyphosphate nanoparticles as Arrabidaea chica standardized extract carrier: The antitumor activity presented by the AE is possibly related to an anti-inflammatory activity. Asterisks indicate that treated parasites were statistically different from control parasites.


Plants as source of drugs. Anti-intracellular amastigote activity of the B2 fraction from the A. Introduction Among individual infectious diseases leishmaniasis is in the ninth position of the global burden of diseases. The identification of the B2 fraction constituents was made based on the retention indexes and by comparison of mass spectra with computer search using NIST21 chicx NIST libraries.

View at Google Scholar L. Also, the treatment with aqueous extract caused a reduction in NK cells population. Antitumour activity and antioxidant status of Caesapinia bonducella against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in Swiss albino mice.

arrabidaea chica leaf/stem extract

Many of the chemotherapeutic agents used in the treatment of cancer injure rapidly dividing normal cells presenting substantial side effects. In the solid form occurs a proliferation peak after the 7 th day of implantation Silva et al. However, most of these drugs are expensive, present toxic effects, and are able to induce parasite resistance [ 5 ]. Subpopulations of mononuclear leukocytes associated with inhibition of Ehrlich ascites tumor growth by treatment with Bothrops jararaca venom.

Fatty acids and sterols probably are the main components involved in the antileishmanial activity, but further investigation will be necessary in order to evaluate the isolated compounds. Our findings may contribute to a better understanding of the beneficial effects of this folk remedie.