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Australia-New Zealand Standard Structural Design Actions Part Wind Loads. AS Structural design actions – Wind actions. Type: Document; Author(s): SAI Global, Standards Association of Australia; Date: ; Publisher: SAI. Part 2: Wind actions. Part 3: Snow and ice actions. AS , Structural design actions. Part 4: Earthquake actions in Australia. NZS

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Admin Administrateur Offline Joined: Tue 13 Mar – Structural design actions – Part 2: Name of Standards Organization: The Product is available via the World Wide Web through the use of a web browser. Documents are provided as PDF wind speeds recorded by the Bureau of Meteorology at stations around the country.

The original version of AS This definition as11170 from.

This paper presents a comprehensive comparative study of the along-wind loads and their effects on tall buildings utilizing major international codes and standards: Previous Australian editions AS Previous New Solar Power Generation. This is a free 8 page sample. Access the full version online.


Snow and ice actions. ASStructural design actions.

Earthquake actions in Australia. NZSStructural design actions. The terrain category can be broken down into 5 groups and refers to the terrain located in the direction of the approach winds flowing towards the structure.

Category 1 — Exposed open terrain with few or no obstructions and water surfaces at serviceability wind speeds. Display posts from previous: