HTFS User Provides an overview of the HTFS family of products. ACOL Reference ACOL Getting Started User instructions for. Aspen Hetran®, Aspen HPI Library, Aspen HTFS Research Network™, . Although AspenTech has tested the software and reviewed the documentation, the. This manual is intended as a guide to using AspenTech’s software. This documentation contains AspenTech proprietary and confidential.

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The version of program you are using shown in the Help, About program view.

Aspen HTFS V7_0-User Guide

PSF file link to process simulators. This document is intended as a guide to using AspenTech’s software. Help Center Find new guidw papers in: Up to 4 different types in each bundle.

Easy data transfer Thermal to Mechanical and Mechanical to Thermal for a consistent solution. If there are significant differences, they will be reported in the Read Me. Having one stream single pass and the other multipass is also permitted. It should be a computer that is always switched on and thus continuously available to network users. High-fin Tubes – Integral; G; L; extruded; bi-metallic; shoulder grooved. Steam and water properties are calculated internally. Log In Sign Up.

Cylindrical fireboxes containing vertical hairpin tubes or a refractory backed helical coil.

Drain cooling section can be of either the full pass or split-pass type. Press the Cancel button if you wish to interrrupt the installation at any point – you will then be asked if you want to leave the setup completely, or resume the process. Triangular, rotated triangular, square and rotated square tube layouts. Many companies require access to underlying heat transfer and pressure drop models used in the software. Multiple exchangers in parallel. Single or twin cabin fireboxes.

Furnaces and fired heaters MUSE: Shell and tube heat exchangers ACOL: Streams may be single phase, or boiling or condensing. PSF file link to process simulators. Technical Summary Handles one- two- and useer heaters of the shell and tube type. HTFS programs can import process and properties data from guire the main process simulators. For other baffle types details of heat transfer and pressure drop correlations must be supplied.


Plain or low fin tubes, longitudinally finned tubes. To view some parts of the output Full Results of most programs you need a browser, such as Internet Explorer v3 v4 preferred or Netscape v2, or higher. Up to nine convection section tube banks containing plain tubes or extended surfaces fins or studs.

This documentation contains AspenTech proprietary and confidential information and may not be disclosed, used, or copied without the prior consent of AspenTech or as set forth in the applicable license agreement.

Double-click on the HTFS program you wish to install. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Remember that used you are running Windows NT you will need administrator rights to install any software.

The green key, however, is for stanalone installations only.

HTFS V User Guide | Mahek Chhatrapati –

Shell and tube heat exchangers Air coolers and other crossflow exchangers Furnaces and fired heaters Plate-fin heat exchangers Plate heat exchangers Boiler feedwater heaters Unbranched pipework 1.

Radiative heat transfer in the tube banks. License files when manually stored in other locations need to be removed, see the HTFS Installation Guide for more detail. HTFS is committed to providing easy-to-use products that unlock the full potential of heat transfer specialist, process engineer in design or operational environments.

Thermosyphon reboiler calculations can be performed for either internal or external types.

Exchanger, distributor, header and nozzle pressure drop calculations. Condensing zone – baffles are considered to be full circle, such that the predominant flow direction is crossflow.


When contacting us via email, please include in your message: Single-phase aspem or cooling; boiling or condensing on the process side.

If this is the first HTFS or other Hyprotech program with a or later release date that you have installed, you will be shown the default C: Click here to sign up. On the Documentation CD you will find: Allowance is made for bends, fittings and changes of section, single or two-phase flow, and single or multiple chokes.

X-side fouling as a function of row. Simulation can be on a stream by stream or layer by layer basis. Full allowance can thus guiide made for non-linear temperature profiles, and for variation in heat guie coefficients and pressure gradients.

Before using the program on your own cases, fire up the program, and go to Preferences under the File menu. If your License file s have been supplied on a floppy disk you should insert this into the floppy drive usually the A: Inlet distributions of X-side temperature and velocity can be specified. The default is HTFS, but you can select an alternative from your current list or create a new Folder.

The Simulation option in TASC is of extended form permitting either inlet conditions, or outlet conditions or flowrate to be calculated for either stream given the other two parameters. Subsidiary properties facilities available include the wspen NEL40 databank, which can be used in conjunction with any component for which you provide data, and options to store and recover stream properties in your own databank.