ASTM-A Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Cadmium on Steel. ASTM-A › Complete Document History Specification for Electrodeposited. Buy ASTM A (Invalid Record) Standard Specification For Electrodeposited Coatings Of Cadmium On Steel from SAI Global. (Identical with ASTM Specification E ). 1. Scope. This test method covers procedures for penetrant examination of materials. They are nondestructive.

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ASTM A – Withdrawn Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Cadmium on Steel

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Fordelene med et abonnement: It supersedes the previous editions, published in,and It classifies concrete block masonry units by four physical properties denoted by facets. These properties are solid content, specified compressive strength, concrete type, and maximum moisture content.


The physical properties are based on performance rather than specific material combinations or manufacturing processes.


To fully complete a block unit specification under this Standard, the specifier designates unit performance for each physical property using an identification code. The specified compressive strengths of units given in Table 1 of this Standard, based on astmm average net area of the unit, parallel those identified for the design of masonry in CSA S, Design of Masonry Structures.

Solid units are satm for loadbearing and nonloadbearing applications, whereas hollow units are limited to nonloadbearing applications. The Standard identifies two grades of units: Grade I, for use in masonry exposed to the weather, and Grade II, for use as backup or interior facing masonry and not for exposure to the weather.

Both hollow and solid concrete brick units are classified by their physical properties and the extent of coring and frogging. Physical properties include specified compressive strength, water absorption, and moisture content. The base unit for the applied facing is governed by CSA A This Standard may be applied to other units of similar manufacture and size within the limitations of the Standard. For concrete brick masonry units, q165 CSA A For prefaced concrete masonry units, see CSA A For concrete block masonry units, see CSA Asrm