Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM D at Engineering THERMAL APPLICATIONS NOTE. Standard Terminology for Abbreviated Terms Relating to Plastics,. ASTM D Acrylonitrile-butadiene-acrylate. ABA. Standard Terminology for Abbreviated Terms Relating to Plastics – ASTM D

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Abbreviated terminology has evolved through widespread common usage.

This compilation has been prepared to avoid both the occurrence of more than one abbreviated term for a given plastics term and multiple meanings for abbreviated terms. Also included are abbreviated terms for terms relating to copolymers, blends and alloys of plastics, and additives such as plasticizers, fillers, etc. Terminology, including nomenclature, codes, symbols, and formula designations for use in scientific literature in the field of natural and synthetic polymers, are being studied and standardized by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

ASTM D – 18 Standard Terminology for Abbreviated Terms Relating to Plastics

They represent, in general, those terms that have come into established use. Since it is recognized that abbreviated terms serve no useful purpose unless they are generally accepted and used, no attempt has been made to establish a rigorous code for devising standard abbreviated terms.


This would result in awkward departures from established usage of existing and accepted abbreviated terms and lead to cumbersome combinations in the future, which would not be likely to receive widespread acceptance. The abbreviated terms now in use ashm grown naturally out of the need for convenient, readily comprehended shorthand for long chemical names.

This process can be expected to continue along the natural lines of least resistance and will serve as a basis for further standardization as the need arises.

A general guide for the preparation of abbreviated terms appears desirable, however, to facilitate more organized and uniform standardization in the future.

An appendix is attached, which aatm a uniform way to prepare abbreviated terms. The system is provided for use in situations where marking of plastics products is desired. Your Alert Profile lists the documents that will be monitored.

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Standard Terminology for Abbreviated Terms Relating to Plastics

Note 1 — A code relating to the composition of rubbers is given r1600 Practice D D includes a number of abbreviated terms that are not in ISO Add to Alert PDF.

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ASTM D1600 – 18

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