ASTM E 1381-95 PDF

ASTM Automation/Robotics LIS which are based on ASTM E / . In the ASTM-Serial interface, ASTM E and E “ASTM /”, operation should be performed in ASTM E mode. *2: IEEE e) Date/time test completed. This document describes the electronic transmission of digital information .. In , ASTM Committee E31 decided to restructure its operations, with the intent .

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The right to access the electronic files of ASTM Standards is for purposes of viewing for individual use only. It is ashm that most of it will work in the same manner, and even when you get it communicating you still have to decode the data it is transmitting.

Saturday, December 3, 8: The driver does the rest of the work. E 97 High-Level Protocol: This allows for analysis of the raw data transfer.

An actual serial interface protocol analyzer would display everything about the ‘s DB9 port from what it is set to to what data is sent by it.

This is a RS question, and it can get complex.


Serial Communication Interface to Laboratory Instruments

MonkeyBoy and also a big thanks to Acamar for your great help. I am having one minor issueI do not know if I should mention it here or start a new post. I mean I successfully connected other similar devices and was able to get the results I needed. Very often, searching for other models in the same range will reveal enough detail.

ASTM Connector Information

Saturday, December 3, Monday, June 11, 8: Well you should begin a new thread with a new question. Anyhow link is displayed in image below from Google. Your code assumes that the device transmits text – that may not be the case. ASTM defines two Standards for communication between laboratory instruments and computer systems: Not for VB6 questions. Sunday, December 18, 3: The client provides an implementation class derived from an abstract callback class of the driver. However the training guide says ” ASTM standards – The low-level protocol, E, describes how the data is transmitted between the and host.

Object, e As System. Monkeyboy Tuesday, December 6, Enter your account email address to 13381-95 a password reset: Well it could be possible the cable you had made is not correctly made. If you save it on download then virus check it definitely.


PDF it also explains that is not required but seems to make it work better for some reason. RS serial communication is a black art.

Introduction to ASTM – Ensemble ASTM Development Guide – Caché & Ensemble

But basically if the PC ashm both use DB9 interfaces the bottom pic would be the pins used. Friday, December 16, You need lots more information about that equipment such as baud rate and handshaking. And I only displayed that particular device cause it was the first I found.

You currently cannot view this content. The client can send any number of messages without waiting for a result. This standard provides rules for the sentence structure. I presume that the applications you used to listen to the serial port were reporting everything received – not just characters, and that you were able to configure the port to for example assert DTR.