Astragalus gombo is a species of plants with 2 observations. ?id= 1 reference. stated in · GRIN Taxonomy for Plants · retrieved. 16 March A water soluble polysaccharide (WSP) was extracted and purified from Astragalus gombo seeds (Fabaceae) harvested in Septentrional Sahara.

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The genus was formally described in by Carl Linnaeus in his Species Plantarum. Jones Astragalus faurei Maire Astragalus fedorovii Takht.

Liste des espèces du genre Astragalus — Wikipédia

Xu Astragalus bobrovii B. Koch Astragalus sommieri Freyn Astragalus sophoroides M. Rousseau Astragalus litwinowianus Gontsch. Simpson Astragalus kifonsanicus Ulbr.

Astragalus gombo

Astragalus distinens Macloskie Astragalus distortus Torr. Astragalus ninae Pavlov Astragalus ningxiaensis Podl.

Parker Astragalus orbicularifolius C. Kiapasia Woronow ex Grossh. Astragalus rufescens Freyn Astragalus ruiz-lealii I. Gray Astragalus djenarensis Sirj.


Astragalus sinaloae Barneby Astragalus sinicus L. Don, in Loudon Astragalus malacus A. Astragalus rubrostriatus Bunge Astragalus rubtzovii Astrafalus. Jones Astragalus franziskae I. Jones Astragalus straussii Bornm. Gray Astragalus lentiformis A. Astragalus olgae Bunge Astragalus astragalud Boiss. Deml Astragalus cartilagineus Gontsch. Xu Astragalus miguelensis Greene Astragalus mikrophyton Sirj. Ho Astragalus pseudoscoparius Gontsch. Astragalus schemachensis Karjagin Astragalus scheremetevianus B.

Astragalus confertus Bunge Astragalus confiniorum Boriss. Barneby Astragalus ionae Palib. Jones Astragalus fenzelianus E. Bunge Astragalus trigonus DC. Xu Astragalus gongshanensis Podl.

Li Astragalus moellendorffii Bunge Astragalus moencoppensis M. Jones Astragalus pyrrhotrichus Boiss. Xu Astragalus nishapurensis Sirj. Deml Astragalus fraternellus Bornm. Gray Astragalus horridissimus Sirj. Welsh Astragalus henryi Oliv. The calyx is tubular or bell-shaped. Astragalus cancellatus Bunge Astragalus canescens Hook.

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Gray Astragalus pygmaeus Nutt. Common names include milkvetch most specieslocoweed in North America, some species [2] and goat’s-thorn A. Deml Astragalus strigulosus Kunth Astragalus strizhovae Ovcz. Astragalus lalandei Podlech Astragalus lalesarensis Bornm. Nelson Astragalus adpressipilosus Gontsch. Jones Astragalus dulungkiangensis P.


Astragalus velenowskyi Nabelek Astragalus venturii I. Barneby Astragalus platyphyllus Kar. Gray Astragalus webbianus Benth. The name Astragalus is Greekan old name for this group of plants which were astraagalus to have a positive effect on goat milk production. Matthews Ponert Astragalus datunensis Y. Astragalus edmondsonii Podlech Astragalus edmondstonei Hook.

Astragalus sandalaschensis Nikitina Astragalus sangcharakensis Podlech Astragalus sangesuricus Boriss.

Astragalus langtangensis Podlech Astragalus lanuginosus Kar. Porter Astragalus beatleyae Barneby Astragalus beckerianus Trautv. Jones Barneby Astragalus longistipitatus Boriss. Astragalus didymophysus Bunge Astragalus dielsii J. Jones Astragalus salsugineus Kar.