Buy Atago POLAX-2L Semiautomatic Polarimeter and more from our comprehensive selection of Atago Semiautomatic Polarimeter. ATAGO. Manual polarimeter Polax-2L. POLARIMETER POLAX-2L Polarimeter which is known as an optical rotation meter is an instrument to measure optical. Learn more about Polax-2L Semi-Automatic Polarimeter, ATAGO®. We enable science by offering product choice, services, process excellence and our people .

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Optical rotation meter; semi-automatic polarimeter Measures optical rotation Measurement Range; Angle of Rotation: Necessary to pass a decontamination zone?

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Manual polarimeter Polax-2L

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Atago POLAX-2L Polarimeter

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Educational Laboratory Sets and Equipment. Height of the door cm: Apparatus must be installed: Take advantage of current pricing before year end. Data relating to website users: Measurement Range; Angle of Rotation: