This Project “Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter using Microcontroller AT89S52 continuously monitor the Infrared Receivers, When any . This Project ―Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter Output signal from AT89S52 is given to the base of the CHAPTER: 3. This automatic room light controller project with visitor counter is a reliable circuit based on the AT89S52 microcontroller. It takes over the task of controlling room.

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In these cases lights are turned on even in daytime. The main intention of this block is to sense the person. Reply anushka 22 July, at 8: Reset button will reset the microcontroller.

Human efforts to count the number of person is eliminated.

Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter (AT89S52)

How to give demo of this project: Please email us your questions or write comments below. However it will be a really complicated task since it involves lots of wiring connections. It may be a mobile phone or any landline phone or even police control room. This device utilizes Atomatic. So i think some concept and when rom take some notes related to my project through internet i have found yours…. Do you have any specific reason?


Enter and Exit Circuits: Enhancement added to this project: Transistor — BC2N Microcontroller does the function of Reading the digital input from two infrared receivers and calculates the number of persons from them.

Or we have to dump? If the second sensor is not interuppted within 5 seconds then the waiting period gets over and action is cancelled.

Are you using any separate counter IC for counting the persons or Microcontroller itself is configured as the counter? Main advantage of this project is that it helps in energy conservation.

But i have a question.

Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter (AT89S52)

Concerning pets in the room, are they likely to trigger the system? However for this we need to modify the circuit. Doubt concerning the placement of IR sensor in the door frame. This is done by Relay.

We have provided a relay with this project. By modifying this circuit and using two relays we can achieve a task of opening and closing the door.


Output active low 6. Kaya ap ya bna sakty hn?? Timing from microseconds through hours 3.

You will get a CD with this project: Project Report in pdf format and in word format. Output Current up to 1A 2. But when the person is leaving the room, the infrared exit operation will be activated and the counter will decrement by one and the lights will turn off if nobody is in the room.

Low power idle and power down modes Reply papun 2 September, at What can be the problem? Then Microcontroller will at98s52 the count.