Up to now most of the ballastless track systems, which have been built on Ballastless track systems using discrete rail seats as well as systems with sleeper . The Group (formerly ‘Pfleiderer track systems’) was involved from the earliest days in a leading role for the development of ballastless track systems. At the beginning of the s, the ÖBB started using ballastless track systems. During the first phase (from until ), several different types of ballastless .

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A lot of additional railway lines would be needed to reach a similar density of railway network and furthermore a lot of improvements of the existing network would be necessary to enlarge the transportation volume of the net. This sleeper is characterized by reduction in total structural height.

TRAVERTEC: Ballastless Track Systems

The international increase in transportation volume throughout the world over recent years has led to a revival in railway traffic. This dual organisation complicated the approval process significantly, since these two departments operate in accordance with different specifications and dimensioning criteria.

Issue Issue 2 Achievement of approval for a current project requires only evidence to show conformity with the additional or differently formulated requirements posed by the present project. After achieving official sysrem, the track design must be presented in a form that allows the construction company to install the system on the construction site. To increase the safety of railway tunnels, this field of usage gets more and more important in Austria.


Consistent and positive ballastless track systems

These definitions included the following: Further advantages of ballastless tracks include better and controlled drainagethe elimination of flying-ballast damage on rolling stock and civil engineering structures, a shallower superstructure, and the possibility run-over sections such as crossings over which pneumatic vehicles can be driven. Distribution of ballast-less systems worldwide. For the Kashmir project, the track was intended to be installed in five single-track tunnels with lengths of 1 to 2.

The system is licensed for use in the Austrian, German and Swiss railway network. The yearly transportation volume is approximately 77 million passengers and in the region of 20 million tons of freight traffic. We offer an extensive portfolio of varied engineering solutions, in order to enhance the attraction and the cost effectiveness of rail transport.

Now Patil Group is making its contribution in Metro Rail projects. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Website development by e-Motive Media Limited. The following main aspects were investigated:. It had already entered into Technology Partnerships with world leaders in Sleepers and Fasteners to give its products a technological edge.

Starting from the basis of traditional trough-track designs with mono-block sleepers, RHEDA track models were further developed to track systems with bi-block sleepers. Earlier RHEDA models occasionally developed nallastless cracks bxllastless the trough and the infill concrete that could influence the long-term behaviour of the ballastless track system.

Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email What colour is grass? Year of Establishment Mortar is used to connect the 9-ton-slabs to the infrastructure and to one another. Now, after the award of the contract for planning and construction of the ballastless track to a German-Indian consortium, RAIL.


Slab Track “Swiss Made”: The main advantages of the system are:. The elastic RockDelta mats truly demonstrate an outstanding degree of effectiveness and long service life — even after decades of operation on conventional mainline routes.

The following list contains construction types of ballastless tracks that have been internationally used in heavy-rail systems as opposed to light railwaystramwaysor metros in chronological order of their first usage. Adaptability of vertical rigidity: Ballastlsss partnership with the Indian Railways is continuing for more than three decades.

Ballastless Track

ONE has increasingly succeeded most recently in having these systems approved and in implementing them in foreign countries as well. This is very much necessary where ballast Only in such a way was it possible in this project to preserve the basic principle of the ballastless track system, with its load-distributing slab and its crack-limiting reinforcement.

A unique monitoring system has been planned for this line to prevent terrorist-motivated attacks. It shows a lot of advantages for applications in tunnels, on bridges and on surface lines.