Aamar kache besh kich indrajal comics ache ja ekhane nai kintu amar kachey scanner nai. kichu din somoy dao jatay scanner purchase kore pdf format a. Amar kache dekhlam kichu Bengali Indrajal Comics 2 copy kore ache. ami ogulo onyo kono collector er sathe exchange korte chai. Comic # Bengali Indrajal Comics(No): Bahadur meets Bela in the Sada Bhuter Adda(সাদা ভূতের আড্ডা). Friends,yesterday was the.

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I think increasingly these pavement co,ics hand shops all over India are stashing away rare comics for a few loyal or high paying customers alone. Those pages are not including with this cbr file. Anonymous 2 September at I live in Berhampore, West Bengal, in my childhood we used to go to my maternal uncle house in Kolkata during summer vacation.

I have to retouch all the pages except 2nd cover and two other ibdrajal because they are fully unrecoverable.

It was long time ago, to be exactly 31 years. The Ghost Who Blogs.

Bengali Indrajal Comics

Comic comics-er 1st issue post karar pore besh kichhu din kete gechhe. Monday, June 14, Al Williamson has passed away.

Thursday, May 6, What is your first Indrajal Comics? The first prize in various kiddies’ competition used to be in the range of Rs. That time it was the most attractive thing for me. Those were the times when young minds were not adulterated with Iphones,Ipods, the internet or even cable television.


I wish I had known if this mountain influence Lee Falk to get the idea of Walker’s table.

Bengali Comics and Books: Bengali Indrajal Comics

The ones in parts were kept separately, to be checked if all the parts in a particular story were available or not. With the concept of Comic-Con having dawned on India recently,the emergence of a comic grading body in our country may not be far away.

Hoping that he will make a come back soon to fight the villains of the present day. Could it be uploaded in this manner please?

Anonymous 6 October at Pratham banglai indrajal comics ki chhilo amar chhotobelai ta jana chhilona. Subhadeep Sen 3 August at Bengalii kind of comic would you get in Rs. I actually do not have much of DC in my collection.


Indrajal came much later on. Started recollecting them again a few years back. Bengali Indrajal Comics No. Anonymous 31 January at All in all, the exercise took about 2 hours.

From your write-up,I think you were one of the ’90s comic-buffs but might be wrong. Sumi 27 January insrajal Their meeting was quite dramatic as Bahadur had this wrong impression that Bela was faking that kidnapping story of her father and hence tried to capture her New Lee Falk book 7 years ago.


These comics comcis me of my childhood days. Indra 28 December at Great Narration, I like the way the legendary origins of the phantom is emphasized with the words,’For those who came in late’ and how the story later cuts back to the present phantom.

Bengali Indrajal Comics – Free Download Bangla Books, Bangla Magazine, Bengali PDF Books

I have iindrajal in many blogs about college street being the hub for Indrajals. Somehow,I have never come across it on the net during my google searches.

Here is the link from Aman’s website: This is not that story of how they found Walker’s Table. Anonymous 5 August at Henry, Baboa, Chalky, the little king, are the perennial favorites – most of these characters were the strong, silent types.

Scare Crow 20 March at Anonymous 23 October at There was also one volume No.

One day accidentally I found a hidden treasure in a wooden almirah.