Answer: Bibliology is the study of the Bible, the Word of God. The Bible is the inspired source of knowledge about God, Jesus Christ, salvation, and eternity. BIBLIOLOGY – THE DOCTRINE OF THE BIBLE. The Lord has given us His Word in order for us to know with certainty what life with Him is in reality. And with our. DOCTRINAL STATEMENT. I. Bibliology- The Doctrine of the Bible. A. I believe that the Bible is a reflection of God’s Character. Since He is perfect, His Word is.

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Questions for Review and Discussion 1. Introduction Christians have a bias toward the written Word of God. By authentic is meant that something is true. This could not be a test of canonicity. Share this with someone and continue to do this until you are bibl and know each point or argument well.

Within 24 hours, at least 25 copies of the complete Scriptures were delivered to him. Share the Scriptures you have. Roman Catholicism is quick to assert biblioloby the traditions of the church have equal authority with the Scriptures. Some of the natives were ridiculed. The Bible is the oldest book or thing most of us have ever possessed.

One old tribesman said, “If it were not for these Bibles, we would have you in the pot. God never leads or speaks to blbliology contrary to His written word. It puts the Scripture on the same basis as other books that can be helpful such as those written by Robert Schuller, Sigmund Freud, or Charles Swindoll. What problems do you see in approaching inspiration in this way? The New Testament Revelation Promised ii.

What is Bibliology?

But this was not true of Peter and James. The New Testament Revelation Given iii.


The style of writing varies from writer to writer Peter with Paul. However, neither the citizens, nor the electoral college, nor the federal judge who administers the oath, share presidential authority. Test 5 The fifth test of canonicity is that which relates to testimony. The use of antiseptics is advocated, Luke foctrine Other types of inspiration are discussed and illustrated.

Bibliology: The Doctrine of the Scriptures |

Whereas we have just completed talking about internal evidences, we will now look briefly at external evidences, or things about the Bible that make it unique.

Why do Protestant and Evangelical churches reject the Apocryphal and Deuterocanonical books? Some hold that God actually speaks to them and the words are authoritative.

Taken individually, each by itself is not a sufficient argument declaring uniqueness. The second approach is called illumination.


There are over 2, surviving manuscript copies, portions, fragments and quotations of the New Testament dating from about A. In this approach, God gave the concepts to men through inspiration and allowed them to write in their own words. Let the truth of Scripture grip you and govern you. In this framework of thinking, Scripture is given through the Holy Spirit and the totality of Scripture is included and is equally inspired.

He who has seen Jesus has seen all that the Father is.

Bibliology – A Study of the Doctrine of Scripture

But this does not forever establish tradition equal to Scripture any more than the teachings of John the Baptist biblioloyy Mary of Bethany are equal in authority to the teaching of Jesus.

How does Ov regard His Word? Scripture Memory For no prophecy was ever borne of human impulse; rather, men carried along by the Holy Spirit spoke from God. Luke was a physician and would be considered an intelligent man. Other revelations have been given which are equally true. The nature of this inspiration bibliollogy a question among men today. If a display on a calculator only allows two decimal points, no claim is made about the tenth decimal point. Then put seven pencils tue representing a uniqueness of Scripture together and see how much harder they are to break as a group or pencils.


By Scripture is meant the Bible, which stands with a solitary uniqueness among all the writings in literature anywhere in the world. Let it be an anchor to your soul in times of temptation and other kinds of trial. In this type of inspiration, there is no intrusion on God’s part in communicating with man. The book of Job, the oldest book in the Bible, is at least 4, years old.

The teaching concerning life and the blood is modern, Leviticus They are a servant chosen for a purpose! Another way of looking at the Scriptures is from the outside looking in. But Jesus Christ plainly believed Scripture was without error. We believe the Bible and the message it has for us today. Universal Christian Inspiration iii. The problem with this theory is that there is no truth communicated beyond the understanding of the human instruments who are doing the writing. By tthe to use this website, you agree to their use.

Let the Word be God’s voice to direct and encourage you. B The Majority Text. What does Galatians 1: There is no truth communicated beyond the understanding of the writers. Psalm 29 is an example.