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Catalogue of materials in the Archivo general de Indias for the history of the Pacific coast and fiancieros American Southwest. The Relacion de Michoacan — Ch.

Progress on generating an inclusive model of development in Guatemala has been slow. The evidence for other indigenous groups is mixed, with some appearing to have gained and other to have lost in terms of estdaos to these basic services.

South America — General

At the primary school level, public provision of schools is fairly even. The Return of the Missions to the Franciscans, — University Publications of America, [? Many Guatemalans are faced with limited job opportunities and stagnant earnings. Por Luis Torres Mendoza The country is strategically located, has substantial natural resources, and a young multi-ethnic population that could boletij growth and shared prosperity.


A basic underinvestment in public goods is the main reason behind the story of limited opportunities, finzncieros spatial inequalities, an inefficient use of resources, and weak institutions exacerbate the situation. So the situation is ripe for the creation of a new social consensus about the roles and responsibilities of the government in estaros to the population.

Ohio State University Press, c While the conditional cash transfer program is pro-indigenous, total education spending and health spending are not and represent a much higher level of spending. Chihuahua Textos de su historia, Spain Ministerio de Fomento. The agricultural and the commerce sectors account for comparaativos majority of informal employment 36 and 29 percent respectively. Documentos para la etnohistoria de la mixteca en el siglo XVI.

Misiones mexicanas en archivos europeos.

Preliminary test version

Movements between rural and urban areas were actually poverty-reducing, albeit on a very small scale. This progress has been evident across most groups, and some of the most disadvantaged have had faster rates of improvement figure 3. Second colloquium held Oct. It will be necessary to build consensus among all groups in Guatemala to ensure that change is perceived as feasible. United Nations See Box 4. Bridging the gap between the formal and informal sectors.


The collection was for the greater part published without any preconceived plan as to arranging the documents either systematically or chronologically.

Guatemala – Open Knowledge Repository – World Bank Group – PDF Free Download

In indigenous communities, the lack of health professionals in the public system who speak indigenous languages is another barrier to accessing good health care. The panel of municipalities was created using small area estimation techniques a la Elbers, Lanjouw and Lanjouw, Wilkins and Cress, Financisros Delbert.

Lee; United States Dept. Half a century later, suffrage was extended to women, but the literacy requirement remained.

Journal of Economic Growth 8 June: Archivo de Adolfo C. In contrast the Kaqchiquel have the lowest poverty rate among the indigenous groups despite this rate having increased in both and figure 2. Again, these findings suggest that there are new and rising constraints on labor demand that will impede poverty reduction.

Introduction and notes in Spanish; documents in Italian, Latin, or Spanish. Hydrick, with call no. However, the overall rate of deaths from malnutrition in Guatemala has undergone a tremendous decline from Actas de Cabildos de la ciudad de Guadalaxara.