Get in-depth information on Bosch DVR16E Digital video recorder (DVR) including detailed technical specifications. Besides, view the entire catalog of. Bosch DVR16E Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Bosch DVR16E Installation Manual. View and Download Bosch DVR16E installation manual online. Digital Versatile Recorder. DVR16E DVR pdf manual download. Also for: Divar 2.

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The power cord is the main power disconnect apparatus. The socket outlet shall be installed near the Replacement Parts evr16e2302 When replacement parts are required, be sure the service technician has used replacement parts specified by the manufacturer or have the same characteristics as the original part.

Unauthorized substitutions may result in fire, electric shock, or other hazards. Four camera pictures shown on one display screen.

Bosch Divar 16 Channel Digital Versatile Recorder – DVR16E | eBay

Via a network, the Control Center PC-application can be used for live viewing, playback and configuration. Six simultaneous users can control multiple Divars.

The Divar includes an authenticity check for both local and remote playback. A dedicated PC player is provided for playback of secure video files.

Additionally, Bosch Security Systems Do not attempt to use the unit if any components are damaged. The Divar is supplied as a desktop unit. If desired, the unit may be The shipping carton is the safest container in which to transport the unit. A primary monitor for multiscreen monitoring monitor A. The Dv1r6e2302 Install menu appears the first time you start the unit. When you have entered the relevant information the unit will be operational. For Divars with an internal DVD writer: Do not remove the supplied terminator from the SCSI connector unless you connect a disk array!

Switch on all connected equipment. Connect the power cord to the unit. Select either a 12 or a 24 hour clock format.

Enter a Divar name to be used in the network. Some functions may also require a software license. An administrator has access to many more functions in the menu. Refer to Chapter 5 boach Advanced Menu Setup for a full list of available menu items. When in a menu, the keys operate according to their alternate function. Motion flashes when motion is detected in a camera signal. Video loss flashes when a video loss condition dv1r6e2302 detected for a camera input. Fast forward in live mode, press to start playback from one minute earlier.

Right Select key selects dvr16e202 submenu or menu item, or saves selections made in menus. ESC key press bosvh return to previous level or to exit menu system without saving.

A key To control the dvr16e23002 on monitor B: Check that the light on the front panel is lit. Press the ALT key and then the sequence key to stop sequencing. Press the ALT key to return the keys to normal operation. In both cases, playback stops. Press the live key to switch back to live viewing.



An alarm also switches the unit back to live viewing. Press a camera key to change the selection. If Smart Motion Seach is selected, only a single camera can be selected. If auto-acknowledge is enabled, the beeper, and the alarm If auto-acknowledge is enabled, the beeper, and the motion indicators switch off after the dwell time.

Using motion detection outdoors may cause false alarms because dvr16d2302 varying light conditions. If an alarm is not acknowledged, the beeper, and the video loss indicators switch off after the dwell time but the alarm still needs to be acknowledged.

If auto-acknowledge is enabled, the beeper, and the video loss indicators switch boscy after the dwell time.

The connector types and their pin obsch are described. All the connectors are located at the rear panel of the unit.

When installing the assembly into the rack, be careful not to restrict airflow Gain control: Automatic or manual gain bosxh for each video input. BNC looped-through, automatic termination. If the monitor has a loop-through connection and you are not using the loop- through output, then select the ohm impedance setting on the monitor. If the The serial RS console port connector is also used to connect Bosch D monitor’s loop-through output is connected to an additional device, the device’s series evr16e2302 panels via an interface unit for Divar alarm activation.

Panel view Specifications Communicaton protocol: RS Maximum signal voltage: In-built compensation for impedance matching. Relay 4 output pole 2 5 to 6 7 SCSI devices 1. This must be taken into account when calculating the total cable length. Panel view Bosch Security Systems Do not open the top cover or attempt to service the unit as this may expose you to dangerous voltages and other hazards.

Opening the unit will void the warranty! This chapter explains how to use the keys on the unit to access the menus. It also documents the full structure of the menu system. Profiles are usually based on a calendar, switching on and off at a particular date or time for example, weekends or night. Profiles can also be dv1r6e2302 by an input signal based on an external switch or armed alarm system.

Alarm, motion and video loss events are stored for dvr16d2302 maximum of one unprotected dgr16e2302 is automatically deleted after a certain period. Video-delete Period value shows how long recorded video is retained before it is automatically deleted. If the total size is greater than the disk capacity, then only the first segments that fit are archived.


Dvr162302 segments that are not archived remain in the list so that they can be archived to a new disk.

The default value is 5 seconds. The maximum is 30 seconds. For each of the 16 alarm inputs, select either the physical Divar alarm input is activated. IP address of the unit. Select the Add Schedule item to edit the calendar. A check mark means enabled. If alarm is checked, the selection changed to a different profile. No pre-alarm recording is done and the camera cannot be viewed over the network. If Bosch Security Systems Although all settings can also be configured with the on-screen display menu of the Divar itself, the Configuration Tool offers a very user-friendly alternative.

Bosch Divar 16 Channel Digital Versatile Recorder – DVR16E2302

It also allows configuration settings to be saved on the PC hard disk. These can be restored later and used to configure other units. If you choose to log in with an offline configuration, you should select the Divar and double click it. Follow the instructions on the screen and select to install the Configuration Tool when asked to complete the installation. The Edit Divar list window allows you to add Divars to the list or delete Divars 4. To delete a Divar from the list: In the list, select the Divar you wish to delete.

Select the values you want for the parameters. Click the Overview button to get general information about the Divar that is connected. Service button Click the Service button to get a list of diagnostic messages. Select the groups of settings you want to save and click OK to save the settings. Multiple download Click the download button to open a list of the Divars in the network to which you can download selected settings. Select those Divars in the list that you want to update. Print When the Overview or History page is active, you can print the complete contents of the page or list.

Click the print button to print the current settings.

Click OK to print. The table on the following pages lists the items of the menu system of the unit with default values. The righthand column of the table gives the default values of these menu items. These values are restored when the Factory defaults item of the System settings menu is selected. Impedance ohm, max. Operating version without DVD writer: Page of 80 Go.