Check the Pattern of exam [PDF] BSNL TTA Detailed Syllabus, Pattern & Standard of Exam 2 [PDF] BSNL JE(TTA) (Kerala Telecom Circle) Solved Paper. NorthEast TTA Notification BSNL TTA Recruitment . Scheme and syllabus of the examination is in Annexure-II 1. 2. 3. BSNL TTA Exam Paper Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL), one type of three hours duration as per syllabus with the following details.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Tts. Gauss’s Law and Amperes Law. Plane-Wave propagating in dielectric and conducting media. Syllabjs, Properties and applications.

Hall effect and its applications. Electrical Circuits Circuits elements. Mesh and nodal analysis. Network Theorems and applications. Natural response and forced response. Elements of two-element network synthesis. Digital Voltmeter and frequency counter.


Transducers IES Eligibilty and their applications to the measurement of non-electrical quantities like http: Basic concepts of compensator design. Stability IES Tentative vacancy of sampled data system. Elements of non-linear control analysis.

Control system components, electromechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic components.

Follow gatecoachingdel Basic concepts in rotating machines. EMF, torque, basic machine types.

Google Construction and operation, leakage losses and efficiency. Armature reaction and JTO Eligibilty commutation.

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Generators and JTO Syllabus motors. Starting and speed control. Testing, Losses and efficiency. Voltage JTO Cut-off regulation. Salient-pole machine, Parallel operation. Characteristics and performance analysis. Determination of circuit model. JTO Sample paper Circle diagram.

Single- phase synchronous and induction motors. Economics and operating factors. Modeling and performance characteristics.

Optimal power system operation. Symmetrical short circuit analysis. Power system Protection Circuit breakers. Small signal amplifiers, biasing circuits, frequency response ta improvement, multistage amplifiers and feed-back amplifiers, D. Large signal amplifiers, coupling methods, push pull amplifiers, operational amplifiers, wave shaping circuits. Multivibrators and flip-flops and their applications. Digital logic gate families, universal gates-combination circuits for arithmetic and logic operational, sequential logic circuits.


Applications of Micro-processors in power bsl. Noise and bandwidth considerations. Pulse code modulation and demodulation. Elements of sound and vision broadcasting. Frequency division and time division multiplexing, Telemetry system in power engineering.

Thyristor controlled reactors; http: Inverters; single-phase and 3-phase. Sinusoidal modulation with uniform sampling. Switched mode power supplies.

BSNL TTA Exam Pattern

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