Companies (Auditor‟s Report) Order, (CARO). (As amended by the Companies . Auditors Report) (Amendment) Order, )The. Every Report made by the Auditor under Sec of for the financial year commencing on or after to include a Statement on CARO, ICAI in its Announcement said that the Companies Act, has ceased to have effect from 01st April, As a corollary, even the.

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Sign up for an Event. The auditor’s report would also indicate the nature xaro amount involved in a fraud, if any, that has been noticed or reported either on the company or by the company.

CARO – Jinesh R Bhagdev & Co.

Know the CPE Hours credit status. Report on an Event. No part of the contents available in any ICAI publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, 0203 by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior permission, in writing, from the Institute.

We are given to understand by MCA that an Order being a smaller version of CAROapplicable for the financial yearmay be notified soon under section 11 of the Companies Act, The statement, which is mandatory for members of the car, provides detailed guidance to auditors of companies on compliance with the reporting requirements laid down by the Order. Home News Update News.


ICAI is also a member of the said committee. Look up CPE Events in my location.

ICAI Announcement on Applicability of CARO 2003 & Additional Reporting Under Companies Act 2013

An ICAI official said that the statement released by the institute would result in achieving the compliance with the Order in letter and spirit. Further, a question of vital concern to all – going concern status of the company. Free Download – Publications.

Investors would 200 come to know, through the auditor’s report, whether the company has applied the funds raised through public issues for the icxi purpose since the auditor would also report on the disclosure and verification of the end use of funds raised by public issues. The statement clarifies that a fraud involving one or more members of management or those charged with governance or a fraud involving only employees of the company may be construed as a “fraud by the company” while a fraud committed by a third party may be termed as “fraud on the company.

Now, the reports of the caor would be dealing about the diversion of funds, if any. Until the aforesaid Order is issued, no additional reporting under section 11 of the Companies Act, is required by the Auditors for the financial year The Companies Act, has ceased to have effect from 01st April, The Ministry of Corporate Affairs MCA is working on it and has constituted a Committee for this purpose to analyse the contents of the Order to be made under section 11 of the Companies Act, for the Financial Year Members are advised to keep a watch 200 the MCA site www.


However, at this juncture, to bring more clarity, this Announcement is released in consultation with the Ministry. For example, if a company raises a term loan from a bank for purchase of a plant and machinery but utilises the same for investing in the shares or other securities of a subsidiary, the auditor’s report would point out the mis-utilisation.

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Republication or redissemination of the contents of this icwi are expressly prohibited without the written consent of The Hindu Business Line. If a company sells a substantial part of its fixed assets, the auditor would examine whether sale of such substantial part of fixed assets has affected the going concern and accordingly report.

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