Buy a cheap copy of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night book by Christine Cain. The Castlevania guide includes complete maps of Dracula’s castle and. Results 1 – 6 of 6 Castlevania Symphony of the Night Bradygames Strategy Guide. This strategy guide was used slightly and has no wear / tear. It has since been. Castlevania Symphony of The Night Official Guide (brady Games). About this product Best Selling in Strategy Guides & Cheats. See all. Current slide 1 of 4- .

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The Castlevania guide includes complete maps of Dracula’s castle and walkthroughs for both the normal and inverted castle. Secret codes, secret characters and hidden rooms. Separate bestiary, items, weapons and special item lists for both versions of the castle.

For example, upon finding appropriate mystical abilities, players can transform Alucard into a bat, wolf or mist to fight with wicked bosses and accomplish his mission.

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Castlevania Symphony of The Night Official Guide (brady Games)

Symphony of the Night: Symphony of the Night. Curse of Darkness- Volume 1 v. The Ultimate Guide to Castlevania. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Series – Nintendo Switch. From the Publisher The Castlevania guide includes complete maps of Dracula’s castle and walkthroughs for both the normal and inverted castle. Bradygames Strategy Guide Paperback: I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Castlevania Symphony of The Night Official Guide (brady Games) | eBay

Showing of 7 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I found this guide very helpful,i never would of found half the items that are hidden. One person found this helpful.

I have the japanese guide of the game and, although I do not understand the language, it transmits more quality content and illustrations than Bradygames. But, in general terms, it is good guide. Castlevania Symphony is huge. It’s a game that, even to this day, is large by Castlevania standards.

One of the biggest out there. It takes a lot of time to find just about everything and to explore Dracula’s Castle and by extension the inverted Castle. A strategy guide lends itself to Castlevania the same way a Metroid guide does to a Metroid game. Mainly because with so much to explore the maps and item placements are pretty much invaluable. And from the outset the guide actually seems okay.


Until you start to realize how confusing the walkthrough can sometimes be. It begins with a lot of basic stuff. Telling us about the enemies. The Bestiary shows screenshots of all the enemies and their actual data.

It’s mostly bosses, however. Normal enemies aren’t listed and that’s actually incredibly strange. This is primarily because there IS reason to list normal enemies. We’re not just talking that one could learn of HP or anything.

We’re actually talking about learning about what the enemy potentially drops and how rare that drop could be. The game gives info on some enemies but not all.

It’s not exactly complete in this regard. After that it’s all about the familiars, magic and items. All the descriptions of these things basically come from the game itself and thus the guide won’t tell you much more. There is one section that is VERY useful, however. A map index that shows the location of every item in the game.

And each item is accompanied by a screenshot. If it’s hidden if it’s out in the open the guide shows you it. That doesn’t mean it’ll always tell you how, but the player can easily figure out most of this stuff quite easily. What isn’t so great in the grand scheme of things is the walkthrough itself.

There’s a lot to look at in this guide.

And a lot of it is pretty. The pages are pretty and glossed with a lot of great artwork, stylized fonts for synphony names of areas and the like. It compliments the look and feel bradygamees the game rather well. It’s the actual strtaegy in the walkthrough that stings. Each section is given a castlevajia.

And on these maps are waypoints that tell you what to do at a specific area. So in Dracula’s Castle you’ll find a 1 marked on the map. So find “1” in the text and it tells you what to do. The problem with the walkthrough is that it’s not a straightforward one. On some maps early on, for instance, you’ll find Which means further in the walkthrough at step it’ll tell you what to do.

And while it’s great that it’s a good time when, they don’t exactly remind you where you should be going. If you get lost you’ll have to flip all the way back to the page with the map that had on it.

And in some cases that map may be at the very beginning of the walkthrough. It simply doesn’t allow itself to ease that well.

It doesn’t matter much anyway as much of it castlevaniia pretty dry. The boss strategies can be decent, but most of the time the guide just isn’t telling you a whole lot of what to do in specific areas.


It keeps exploration alive this way, but it hardly lends itself to good strategy. The worst part about the guide, however, is that the inverted castle is given almost no coverage at all. It tells you how to beat the bosses, not exactly where to find them or anything. Just how to beat them. All the stuff provided for the normal castle is missing here.

No item call outs, no maps Granted many of the maps you could just turn upside down and be fine Life Maxes and Heart Maxes are in different places. Many of the items and enemies that appear are totally different. The guide prepares you bradytames virtually none of this. And there are even a few things that might’ve helped the guide out a little more. Perhaps taking a lesson from how Nintendo Power organized their Super Metroid guide was in order.

Tell us about the enemies we’ll encounter. When we reach a new area, list off the items that are there. I know they casglevania us in a map appendix, but again, page flipping is not something I want to constantly be doing when exploring Dracula’s castle.

Likewise, maybe even just a huge map of Dracula’s castle on a page spread or even a fold out poster would’ve been nice. It’s just odd how much was left out of this guide. And there’s no reason as to why. Leaving out the Inverted Castle in and of itself is a pretty lazy effort.

Granted, the Inverted Castle isn’t exactly a LONG portion of the game, but there’s more to it than just it being an upside down version of the same castle you just explored.

With new enemies, items and in some cases traps, the guide really drops the ball. Bradytames the walkthrough we get a few secrets that are nice to know, but it’s still a shame that much of the walkthrough in and of itself is so poor. I suppose for exploring the right side up castle the guide is okay. It’s got maps and item placements, but beyond that the guide is pretty useless, providing nothing for the player to benefit from.

The strategies are poor and once you get to the inverted castle the guide just doesn’t offer much more to the player. I was really happy to receive this guide and the game of course back in the late 90’s, but the honest truth is that Castlevania: