CATIA Prismatic Machining. CATIA® V5R Table of Contents, Page i. © Wichita State University. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Introduction. ✍This tutorial illustrates Manufacturing integration with other CATIA products. Replay Machining Operations . Start/NC Manufacturing/Prismatic Machining. Catia V5 Prismatic Machining Tutorial Pdf hey subscribers!! this video shows concept this piece with cam part of catia v5. enjoy twitter. video trailer how design .

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When it is determined that a chat is necessary an appointment will be set up so that the problem may be resolved in a live communication chat. There is also a book assignment, which will get you used to program a part from start to finish. You will also need an Internet connection with email capabilities.

Please be sure your post tuorial is descriptive so others will know what your question is about. Students will have the opportunity to graphically process programs using Microsoft Windows based graphics work stations. Concepts explored include interactive geometry and surface construction, tool motion, numerical control NC MILLING functions, graphic editing, graphic output, repetitive programming, and complex surface machining for three, four and five axis machining centers.


After completing this course, you will be able to do the following: This is an online course. By posting in the discussion area all students will benefit. Create complete NC programs from a design model or blueprint.

CATIA tutorials for beginners.

Lesson 5 in the workbook is caatia at the end of the semester. Follow this link to see the shop floor documentation for this assignment – Shop Floor Docs. But remember to post at least two questions and two responses in the discussion area. Please have a backup plan in case of technical failure such as Internet problems.

Division of Industry and Technology. You will be doing tutorial projects from the online help, which will take you through all of the basic machining functions. See Instructor Contact Information.

CATIA tutorials for beginners. | GrabCAD Questions

And finally, I will provide fully modeled parts for you to create machine programs using your own methods.

All assignments including part files and instructions will be downloaded from the Assignment area. There are 4 part files that can be downloaded from the Assignment area of Blackboard. Please store all required files in one folder and compress folder into one.

Chat will also be available for office hours. Also, please respond to at least two posts in the discussion area.

This portion of your grade will be based on quality of posting as well as quantity. And you will need a compression program like WinZip. Online Documentation Programming Assignments. El Camino CollegeCrenshaw Blvd. And we will use the Virtual Classroom for live demonstrations.


One of the most important goals of this course is to provide knowledge and skills that will enable students to create Numerical Control Programs using CATIA. Create documentation describing machine setup, tooling, and program operation for the machine operator.

CATIA, Numerical, Control, Manufacturing, Online, Course, low cost, training

Grading will be for completing assignments and for participation in the discussion area. Understand the Specification Tree and the importance of documenting programs. Everyone is required to program Part 1 complete. Process completed NC programs and produce code specific to machine controllers. In the NC Manufacturing area do the following assignments. I cannot be responsible if you lose your assignments. You will find links to some of the community discussion forums in the External Links area of Blackboard.