Chickenhawk by Robert Mason, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. This is Robert Mason’s astounding personal story of men at war. A veteran of more than one thousand combat missions, Mason gives staggering descriptions . Chickenhawk [Robert Mason] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A true, bestselling story from the battlefield that faithfully portrays the horror .

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Mason spent a lot of time recounting all of this and I can speculate it was for his own sanity later. See all 11 reviews. But as the cuickenhawk tumble by, you also begin to feel the toll of the accruing stress and strain, watching comrades and enemies dying, some by design and some by sheer happenstance. The short story is that I was considering fleeing to Canada if I was drafted but never had to make that momentous decision that would have significantly changed my life.

Chickenhawk : Robert Mason :

For other uses, see Chickenhawk. Do you need another e Actor Harrison Ford is chhickenhawk helicopter pilot and says that other chopper jocks often tell him he should read Chickenhawk Occasionally along the way we witness an honest caring side of Mr.

It was a ‘helicopter war’, but until now, no one has told the story of these machines and the men that flew them. War is not the answer. This beautiful and innocent girl on the other side of the world insisted that I call her Sally.


Mason does an amazing job of covering the hardships they faced and the progression to get where you need to be to survive. In the meantime, in MarchMason was convicted on the smuggling charges. You have to live adventure to know it works like that – to capture the insanity, adrenaline, nerves, sorrow, chicjenhawk hilarity of the whole nightmarish rollercoaster of highs and lows.


Mason takes you into it, though, as mmason young man carrying out the duties that he is taught as he tries to learn from his instructors and guides.

He was unable to write while in prison. Share your thoughts with other customers. Mason eventually transfers to another unit, which is engaged in an unofficial side-business of delivering ice in return for favours and various commodities.

Jun 12, Edward Truitt rated it it was amazing. Fantastic first person piece, a real memorial of the time, the aircraft, and the delima these people were put it. We’d already taken Happy Valley, amson we had to go back out to patch up a few holes in the victory.

The story sticks in my head like a great 5 star read does, so up it goes. The Hueys snaked out of the mist and with increasing noise gathered on the field west of the camp. Aug 01, Rob Kitchin rated it really liked it. Too many mangled bodies and destroyed minds.

Vietnam WarHelicopter. Mason wrote a truthful and outstanding book of his experiences. Reading through this torrential hell of the many valleys and outposts in Vietnam we the readers see the deep truth to the cynicism behind the events as they occur. When I was back at the camp, the army was in control of my destiny.

Chickenhawk by Robert Mason

Partly what makes Chickenhawk such a unforgettable read is that Mason makes no effort either to doctor the facts about his time in Vietnam, his love of flying even in combator about his own flaws and failures.

What a terrific book. In early AugustChickenhawk was published. I am glad it also went on to describe what civilian life was for the author after he came back from Vietnam – the fact that he is still married is a bit of a miracle and I think his wife was aptly named.


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A direct, honest, unpretentious, highly-informative and well-written story — I couldn’t put it down until I was through. I will never look at a Vet the same way.

He engaged in spraying defoliants to eliminate ground cover for the VC Viet Cong, South Vietnamese communistsnot knowing what havoc these chemicals would reap in the future. The Today Show appearance took place August 15, and sales of the book benefited from the author’s own ongoing drama as well as his widely praised writing. I am so glad that I did!

It is the story of Army helicopter pilot Robert Mason and his life and experiences beginning in from trainee following through in detail his time of service in the Vietnam War and period afterwards.

A precise chronological depiction of life as a helicopter pilot leading up to and during the Vietnam war. The troops on the ground undoubtedly had it far worse than the helicopter pilots did and the accounts of bodies piled up or soldiers missing limbs, was a constant refrain. Mar 26, James rated it it was amazing Shelves: His descriptions of flying air assault, med-evac and ammo-resupply missions make cchickenhawk reading If you are interested in history, war or aviation, this book is a must.