Economic history. Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant: Institutional frameworks and implications for land use of public private sector development initiatives in the rural. Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant: Zimbabwe’s milestone: The resumption of operations at the Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant and the subsequent uptake of the E The Chisumbanje Ethanol Project is a national project of great strategic importance where ethanol is produced from sugarcane. The project.

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Green Fuel ramps up production at its Chisumbanje site – Nehanda Radio

Retrieved from ” https: The area is arid because it lies in a valley and crop yields are chusumbanje poor thus it is prone to food insecurities. This should be implemented immediately, on the assumption that the conversion from the BOT to a JV is now irreversible.

Background to the Land. Archived at the Wayback Machine. Are the fuel blending ratios now agreed with stakeholders?

Do you consult locals before or after commencing a project of this magnitude? This would require the involvement of Treasury in these discussions given the linkage with duties and other taxes that can be used as incentives. Thereafter, the lease agreement must be completed and signed.

World class irrigation infrastructure has been put in place, and an outstanding ethanol producing plant constructed. Views Read Edit View history.

Nov 29, 32, From the delayed issuance of the license, spirited efforts to derail the project by MDC-T elements, familiarisation visits by government officials, demonstrations by villagers to skepticism by the market regarding the compatibility of the fuel with most engines, the ethanol plant hogged chosumbanje limelight in Panners invade Grace property. You might also like More from author. Mutambara proposes road-map for elections.


We cannot have mandatory blending for one private producer of ethanol. The government must quickly mobilise all the concerned stakeholders in order oroject expeditiously implement the technical and business recommendations presented in this report.

Their economy is largely agricultural with the most common crops being maize, millet ,rapoko, cotton and sugarcane. This mandatory E5 fuel specification would increase the uptake of ethanol fourfold chisumvanje 2. The Company should immediately compensate and resettle the households that had offer letters and were displaced from ARDA estates.

Chisumbanje ethanol project set to restart

In fact, with the correct pricing of ethanol and effective marketing there might be no need for mandatory blending. Last year, the interministrial Cabinet committee resolved to tackle the challenges dogging the Chisumbanje ethanol project. The actual price should be Of course we need to balance our resolution of this grievance with desire to promote national cohesion and integration.

Consequently, the size of irrigated land provided must range from 0. Considering that this fuel is supposed to power cars, this is hardly inspiring, Chismbanje This is completely unacceptable.

Furthermore, the quantum of resources required to address these concerns are quite insignificant compared to the financial scale of the project. The benefits of ethanol blends and the associated personal, community, national and environmental advantages must be clearly articulated in a massive branding and marketing campaign. Green Fuel is moving to ramp up ethanol production at its Chisumbanje site through a hectarage increase exercise anticipated to see the group with about 13 hectares ha of land by year end, one of its shareholders has said.

Mutasa businessman arrested in movie style. In line with this directive, Green Fuel, Macdom and ARDA who represent the Government of Zimbabwe entered into a Joint Venture Agreement based upon the initial commercial value of the contributions brought to the project to date. Alleged Mugabe cronies kept offshore firms years after UN….


Mandatory blending should only be considered within the context of a JV. The Chipinge Rural District Council should immediately regularise all land acquisitions to ethano, project in accordance with the law by completing the appropriate lease agreement with ARDA in compliance with the Communal Land Act Chapter As a result, significant investment was made into the infrastructure of the estates, including pump houses, roads and buildings.

L Bateman Inc, was chisumvanje to undertake a study for the development of a 15, hectare sugarcane estate.

Tragic end to church outing. Attractive part of content. These should include feedstock schemes, general infrastructure provision, schools, and clinics.

With regard to the Social and Community issues, the key suggestion is that all households that were displaced or mishandled must be compensated and resettled. This is too low. In addition, a solution to the extreme power outages experienced in the area was needed in order to undertake the ethanl irrigation required to grow any crop in the area.

Chisumbanje – Wikipedia

All payments to these farmers are effected through ARDA. This will be possible as the company will now be enjoying volume driven economics, while the different ethanol blends will be very attractive at E5 US1.

Agreed issues include the immediate release of farmers arrested recently over land dispute in Chinyamukwakwa area and the adoption of an chisumvanje agreement to give farmers half a hectare as ploughing land.