Citarum River, Indonesia The Citarum has been called the world’s most polluted river. Around 5 million people live in the river’s basin, and most of them rely on. Heavy equipments are used to clean up the river, but new trash comes in every time. Widodo wants the Citarum river to be clean and drinkable. Citarum River used to be a vital part of an ancient kingdom in Indonesia. In modern times, the river plays a role for water power generation.

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AyungSungiTelaga Waja Flores: According to the head of the House of Commons of the Citarum River, a river that had flourished in the s now belongs to the tainted heavily. Also, there are over a thousand industries near the river. The Contemporary Wayang Archive. The Citarum has been called the world’s most polluted river. Not just electrical power, there are also dams that supply irrigation water to rice paddies, such as Jatiluhur Dam.

A research found only 20 species of fish left in Jatiluhur Dam.

The gargantuan task of cleaning Indonesia’s Citarum river | Indonesia | Al Jazeera

Up tocubic metre of rubbish ends up in Citarum river annually, and heavy metal contamination in the water coming from the factory waste has reached critical level.

Millions of dollars have been poured into the project before, but with the lack of coordination, maintenance and enforcement, the problem has persisted. Let us unite to clean the Citarum. SissaWera Sumbawa: Very few efforts have been taken to ensure facilities abide by wastewater release standards.

However, the economic growth from the citwrum sector brings with it a tremendous environmental expense. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Retrieved 18 April They feel that authorities should go straight to the source to seal-off dumping holes instead. He says every day endless piles of trash enter his territory. Sometimes it rivfr make people around to fall unconscious. Pollution has affected agriculture so much that farmers have sold their rice paddies for half their normal price.


The hardest challenge for authorities is tackling industrial waste. There are also lots of dead animals that has been floating around the polution for who knows how long. Three hydroelectric powerplant dams are installed along the Citarum: Over textile factories line the river banks.

Rivers of West Java. This is one of the reasons why education about waste management is crucial to start reducing waste and living a sustainable life.

Discovering Pollution Around the World: Citarum River, Indonesia

It was once a beautiful, pristine river that helped civilizations thrive since 4th century and earlier. Heavy pollution ciyarum river water by household and industrial waste in the Indonesian province of West Java is threatening the health of at least five million people living on the riverbanks, say government officials and water experts.

In the 5th century, from a small village built on the side of the river by Jayasinghawarman, another area became crowded and later became the basis of a large Kingdom in Indonesia, namely the Kingdom of Tarumanegara, the oldest Hindu Kingdom in West Java.


Citarum suffers from heavy sedimentation in several areas, which causes the river to overflow during the rainy season. The kingdom and the river shared the same name, Tarum, which was derived from an indigo plant Tarum in Sundanese that flourished around the area. President Joko Widodo plans to issue new regulations to speed up prosecution.

The black waste is toxic and brings a torrid smell with it. The condition is caused by the large number of concern industrial waste as well as the household directly dumped into the river without being processed first.

The river, now known as one of the most polluted in the world, is unrecognisable as part of the Parahyangan region. The huge potency of it is due to the vast watershed that reaches 6. Archived from the original on 30 September Damaged forest at the upstream area will be replanted with trees as green belts. Jajang, 16, along with other people from his village has been using Citarum River to bath, wash dishes and clothes.


The Citarum River comes from two words, namely Ci and Tarum. We need a centralized command. Skip to toolbar Log In Search. Members of the community use water from the river for their daily activities.

Every day people dispose of tonnes of waste of livestock into the River. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Rubbish dumpsites dot the river bank. About 27 million people rely on the river – the longest in West Java province – for irrigation, drinking water and other daily needs, with nearly 80 percent of the capital Jakarta’s supposedly ‘clean water’ sourced from the river. Brang BijiMoyo Poollution They regularly conduct patrols and organise clean-ups.

The gargantuan task of cleaning Indonesia’s Citarum river

Citarum is divided into 23 sectors for the clean-up programme. Stone inscriptions, Chinese sources, and archaeological sites such as Batujaya and Cibuaya suggest that the human habitation and civilization flourished in and around the river estuaries and river valley as early as the 4th century and even earlier.

The dyes and chemicals used in the industrial process – lead, arsenic and mercury amongst them – are churned into the water, changing its colour and lending the area an acrid odour. Enforcement has been weak and this has caused only