GAS-ACTUATED RELAYS BUCHHOLZ TYPE . The new Comem Buchholz relay is an assembly of two machined aluminium alloy castings that effect a perfect. GAS-ACTUATED RELAYS COMEM TYPE. The range: 2. BG 25 H. Weight kg. Minimum clearance to remove the mecanism from the body. Min. The Buchholz relay also takes over the function of an oil level indicator when there The MSafe® Buchholz relay impresses with its robust construction in which.

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RELÉ, BUCHHOLZ Ref.: BRML-0 V=1M/S (COMEM) | Spares in Motion

Further characteristics and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the following detailed description of a preferred embodiment thereof, illustrated only by way of non-limitative example in the accompanying drawings, wherein: Within the scope of this aim, an important object of the present invention is to provide a Buchholz relay which ensures good characteristics in terms of safety and most of all precision in the setting of delay intervention threshold. This drawing must not be reproduced in any medium nor utilized for the manufacture of the article herein rapresented or disclosed to other parties without our licence.

COMEM Gas relay is the right solution coemm detecting the bcuhholz gas generated by various phenomena like dielectric failure, slight overload and degradation of insulating oil. Actually, manufacturers of Buchholz relays are currently able to modify the adjustment of the flap by adding or removing suitable counterweights which are applied to its lower part. Please fill in required fields. When gas forms inside the transformer, said gas, which tends to escape upward, accumulates inside the relay, lowering the level of the oil; this lowering is detected first by the upper floater, which accordingly operates the alarm circuit, and if the accumulation of gas continues it is then detected by the lower floater, which is directly connected to the circuit for disconnecting the transformer from the power supply line.


In particular, the tubular support 40 is suitable to contain a conveinently complementarily shaped cylindrical counterweight R1 Gas accumulation is monitored and kept under control by the gas relay.

In other cases, the flap is adjusted by moving it appropriately buchhplz suitable guides or by using fixing screws, so as to reduce the surface of the flap that is affected by the ubchholz currents.

The sides 39 are parallel and are kept together by a tubular support 40 which protrudes monolithically from them with an axis which is parallel to the pivot The flap is usually obtained monolithically with the lower floater, and when significant oil currents occur, the flap, by rotating about its own axis because it is directly affected by the flow, causes the intervention of conem switch for closing the disconnection circuit. In some cases it is convenient to appropriately tilt the transformer in order to ensure that the Buchholz relay assumes the highest position on the transformer.

Learn more I agree. Rate this page General impression. In case the oil flow speed exceed the pre-set value, the the flow vent operates and switch the trip contact.

Usually the flap must be adjusted appropriately so as to relya sensitive to currents in excess of a certain preset limit. Another important functionality of the Buchholz relay is to operate if oil flow from the transformer tank to the oil conservator. When installed come, a user-friendly working height, the fault gases can be safely and reliably sampled from the Buchholz relay.

With reference to the above figures, an oil-filled transformer is generally designated by the reference numeral 10 and has a tank with radiating elements 11 to which an expansion vessel 12 of a per se known type is connected in an upward region.

An oil ingress into the reed switch is therefore impossible. Sticky label 90 X 52 with white background and black writings.

The flow vent 9 has two permanent magnets. In this embodiment, the upper movable device 30 directly actuates the alarm circuit in a per se known manner, while the lower movable device 31 is connected to the disconnection circuit. Click for automatic bibliography generation. Leakage current, arcing, flashovers, loss of insulating liquid or excessively high flow rates can generate gas and affect transformer performance. The result of these drawbacks is directly a reduced signaling effectiveness of Buchholz relays.


At any time the MSafe can be triggered via a compressed air bucchholz to test its readyness of operation. The relay 16, in particular, is sensitive to the occurrence of oil currents whose flow-rate exceeds a preset limit which can be determined by the end user. An electro-pneumatic valve is automatically operated by Comem eBR to discharge the gas and avoid transformer shutdown.

This helium leak test guarantees maximum oil and gas leak proofness. buchhooz

There are two floats 8 with their associated switches encapsulated in glass bulbs. Search Expert Search Quick Search. Therefore it is the aim to ensure an accurate assessment of the transformer condition. The movable device of the flap type 33 is preferably made of plastics. In a downward region, the relay 16 has an oil drain plug Series C75 Optically Isolated 1. The collection and analysis of gases in an oil-insulated transformer can indicate the severity of the default.

The circuit breakers are tripped and the transformer is de-energized.


A possible particular characteristic is that the contact of the disconnection circuit is kept closed whenever the flap rotates under the action of intense oil currents or because the level of the oil has dropped below a certain value. The operation of the Buchholz relay 16 according to the present invention is extremely simple, since when the level of the oil lowers, the floater 32 of the upper device 30 directly actuates the alarm circuit.

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