APOSTOLICAM ACTUOSITATEM populi Dei impensiorem reddere volens, Sacrosancta Hoc in decreto Concilium apostolatus laicorum naturam, indolem et. Translations in context of “ii decreto apostolicam actuositatem” in Portuguese- English from Reverso Context. Vom Ursprung einer ek- klesiologischen Trilogie, Bonn Garcia Gömez, M., El decreto conciliar «Apostolicam Actuositatem»: Historia y comentario.

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I shall do that by looking back to the situation of the laity in the Church prior to the Council, which is the best context in which we can better appreciate these innovative elements.

The individual apostolate has a special field in areas where Catholics are few in number and widely dispersed.

Apostolicam Actuositatem: Decree On The Apostolate Of The Laity

Likewise, common human values not infrequently actuositattem for cooperation between Christians pursuing apostolic aims and those who do not profess Christ’s name but acknowledge these values.

Acta14pp. In this area the laity can exercise the apostolate of like toward like.

Hoc vero mandatum caritatis erga proximum Christus proprium fecit novaque significatione ditavit, dum seipsum idem ac fratres tamquam obiectum caritatis esse voluit, dicens: In the pilgrimage of this life, hidden with Christ in God and free from enslavement to wealth, they aspire to those riches which remain forever and generously dedicate themselves wholly to the advancement of the kingdom of God and to the reform and improvement of the temporal order in a Christian spirit.

Apostolatus in ambitu sociali, scilicet studium spiritu christiano informandi mentem et mores, leges et structuras communitatis in qua aliquis vivit, adeo laicorum munus onusque est ut ab aliis numquam debite expleri valeat. This is as it should be, but it sometimes involves a degree of departure from the ethical and religious order and a serious danger to Christian life.

Paroecia exemplum perspicuum apostolatus communitarii praebet, omnes quotquot ibi invenit diversitates humanas in unum congregans et Ecclesiae universalitati inserens.


For in the Church there are many apostolic undertakings which are established by the free choice of the laity and regulated by their prudent judgment. Multae sunt apostolatus formae quibus laici Ecclesiam aedificant atque mundum sanctificant et in Christo animant.

Quae nobisad Card.

Laity and young people: Therefore, the laity should hold in high esteem and, according to their ability, aid the works of charity and projects for social assistance, whether public or private, including international programs whereby effective help is given to needy individuals and peoples.

Thus, making various apostolciam of the apostolate according to circumstances, the hierarchy joins some particular form of it more closely with its own apostolic function.

If you look at all the organizations now from education, entertainment, law, and politics, not to mention the great organizations dedicated to publishing, catechesis, and Evangelization, and the vast numbers of highly trained individu It’s interesting to read a text like this on its 51st anniversary of promulgation. Catholics should try to cooperate with all men and women of good will to promote whatever is true, whatever just, whatever holy, whatever lovable cf.

This fact reinforces actuositate view of De la Potterie and suggests acctuositatem similar usage of the term among Christians at the time, that is, to indicate Christians who were not clerics. As a consequence, the attitude of simply tolerating, instead of promoting, the laity went on as before, and the distinction between laity and faithful continued to be rather obscure. IIDecreto Apostolicam Actuositatem26. Haec laicorum spiritualis vitae ratio notam peculiarem assumere debet ex statu matrimonii et familiae, coelibatus vel viduitatis, ex condicione infirmitatis, ex activitate professionali et sociali.

Various types of the apostolate demand also a specially suitable formation. Schools, colleges, and other Catholic educational institutions also have the duty to develop a Catholic sense and apostolic activity in young persons. Sed veri apostoli, hac actione sola non contenti, animos intendunt ad Christum etiam verbis proximo annuntiandum.


Decreto Apostolicam Actuositatem by Marcelo Bernini on Prezi

Congar takes the credit for having brought the theology of the laity to a very important stage: Laici ergo magni faciant et pro viribus adiuvent opera caritatis et incepta assistentiae socialis sive privata sive publica, etiam internationalia, quibus efficax auxilium singulis hominibus et populis in necessitate versantibus fertur, cooperantes in hoc cum omnibus bonae voluntatis hominibus.

Exemplo primum et, data occasione, prudenti consilio validoque auxilio adulti iuventutem ad apostolatum stimulent. Ibi laici, qui solummodo ut singuli apostolatum exercent, sive ob causas supra dictas, sive ob rationes speciales etiam ex propria navitate professionali exortas, opportune tamen ad colloquium conveniunt in minoribus coetibus sine ulla strictiore institutionis vel organizationis forma, ita ut semper aposotlicam signum communitatis Ecclesiae, coram aliis, tamquam verum amoris testimonium.

No less necessary is cooperation among various projects of the apostolate which must be suitably directed by the hierarchy. Lumine fidei et meditatione verbi Dei solum potest aliquis semper et ubique dignoscere Deum in quo “vivimus et movemur et sumus” Act. Diligenter seligantur sacerdotes apostolatus laicorum specialibus formis iuvandis idonei et apte formati.

I know this was revolutionary when it was published back in the ‘s and it has totally transformed the role of the laity in the Church, which is wonderful. This mission-to be the first and vital cell of society-the family has received from God.

AAS 14p. There is a great variety of associations in the apostolate. AAS 43pp. Hac cooperatione dynamica et prudenti, 44 quae magni momenti in activitatibus temporalibus est, laici testimonium praebent Christo, Salvatori mundi, et unitati familiae humanae. In regale sacerdotium et gentem sanctam Cf.