Denon AVC-A1XV Denon AVC-A1HD To purchase AVC-A1XV/AVC-A1XVA spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an. The Denon AVC-A1XV is equipped with a total of 10 power amps of uniform quality for each of 10 channels, and each amp delivers effective maximum. round sound reproduction circuit designed by Denon, and forms the core of the design concept The AVC-A1XVA has 8 of these D/A converters for 16 circuits.

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Apr 22, at 9: JaseApr 22, Mar 16, Messages: Details now available at Denon Germany. Gets a new remote as well, going by the pictures.

Used Denon AVC-A1XV Receivers for Sale |

Apr 22, at 1: Jan 1, Messages: Apr 22, at 2: JulesApr 22, Oct 11, Messages: I’d be intersted to know how Denon’s A1 amps are selling these days. Seriously, you don’t read much about Denon flagships on here these days, but it used to be quite a regular subject. With Denon restricting internet sales, fixing prices and launching more expensive models each year, surely they are losing once loyal customers like me by the truck load.


You can pick them up cheaper if you shop about.

Denon AVC-A1XVA Manuals

Apr 22, at 3: Cable MonkeyApr 22, Feb 10, Messages: Evil EngineerApr 22, Nov 13, Messages: South of Heaven Ratings: I’d say the A11XV would be the more realistic option for most people. Deenon mean, how many people want to run two 5.

And how many people have got a rack big enough to take an amp that’s mm high!

Apr 24, at 9: MPKApr 24, Nov 26, Messages: Only to do the same thing again next year when HDMI1. I renon definitely wait until then. Need to get a p display first anyway Apr 24, at JaseApr 24, I’ll wait for the HDMI 1. This upgrade gives me nothing I can use now anyway.


Apr 24, at 3: Apr 24, at 7: JulesApr 24, Apr 25, at 8: If you try and order any Denon equipment from them, you won’t get it. Denon don’t supply to them, by all means, give them your money, you won’t get the Amp.

There are people waiting for the S and I know for a fact that Denon have not shipped a avc-a1xxva unit to avland as they refuse to see it for the RRP. Hopefully they might arrive this week should find out today. Part exchanging my five-six year old A1SE.


Should get final confirmation today, but the rep. Apr 25, at 2: JH4Apr 25, May 6, Messages: I’d be very grateful if anyone can let this thread know when UK stocks of the Amp are available.

Apr 25, at 3: JaseApr 25, Jun 2, at I’ve let mine go as I am now considering going down the separates route instead i. Jun 2, at 5: Well, have you listened to the unit. Do you have any impressions of it? Jun 7, at 4: JH4Jun 7, Still no sign of this monster yet You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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