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Selecting A Density Setting Referred to as the “2nd paper drawer”, “3rd paper drawer”, “4th paper drawer” and “5th paper drawer” throughout the manual. Wipe the glass with a soft, dry cloth. Failure to observe ieo precaution could result in a fire or electrical shock.

Develop ineo Manuals

Is the document incorrectly positioned in the document feeder? The indicator on the key lights up in green to indicate that the machine is in Fax mode. For European Users Warning And Devrlop Symbols Copying Onto Envelopes A maximum of 20 label sheets can be loaded into the multi bypass tray.

The paper size that is counted should be set by the service representative. Using the document feeder Documents Of Uniform Sizes The basic screen appears debelop copying can be started. Are the adjustable document guides incorrectly positioned against the edges of the document?

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The copy is blurry. The received image data should be cleared from the memory. Automatically Clearing Settings auto Panel Reset Part name Description 22 [Fax] key Press to enter Fax mode.


When the machine is in Power Save mode, the indicator on the [Start] develp remains lit in green, but the display goes off. Correctly position the document against the document scales. Available Copy Features Specify speed dial settings. SORT The copies are automatically divided into the specified number of sets with each set containing a copy of each page of the multi-page document.

Load the envelopes with the flap facing up so that the surface to be printed on faces down, as shown in the illustration.

Output side and feed direction Use of an adapter or an extension cord could cause a fire or electrical shock. If this occurs, use this function to dry the drum and eliminate the condensation.

Press the [Mode Memory] key. Copying documents of mixed sizes “Mixed Original” setting Reducing Electricity Usage Clean the document pad with a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent.

Automatic Document Feeder The optional duplex unit must be installed option for ineo devwlop. Automatic Duplex Unit Ad For details, refer to the user manual for the printer driver. Operating the product in a poorly ventilated room for an extended period of time could injure your health. This is a semiconductor laser. Output side and kneo direction Paper is fed through this machine along the right side, positioned with the side to be copied or printed on facing down, then fed out into the output tray at the top of the machine.


Position the document correctly according to the type of document being copied.

Automatically conserving energy Power Save mode Refer to “Specifying a zoom setting” on page Should any of these conditions be found, immediately turn OFF the power switch, unplug the power cord from the power outlet, and then call your authorized service representative.

The machine is still warming up after just being turned on. Allows this machine to be set up on the floor. Safety advices 6 DANGER Failure to observe instructions highlighted in this manner may result in fatal or critical injuries in fact of electrical power.

Care of machine supplies Use the following precautions when handling the machine supplies toner, paper, etc. When the message appears, replace the toner bottle with a new one.