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Bruno Altieri at the address fellowship cosmos.

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Mihalis Mathioudakis 08 Jul Key fundamental questions and challenges Session 2: Sep 1st, Submission Deadline: Clicking on a given flare in this list will call up a plot that containing 1 the GOES X-ray lightcurves with the timing of your chosen observations overlaid, 2 the RHESSI lightcurves up to the maximum recorded energy, and 3 a RHESSI full-disk quicklook image with the fields of view of the different instruments overlaid. This will return a list of flares that conform to your search criteria.

Rajmal Jain 02 Jul Feb 1st, Acceptance Deadline: They can involve a radiative cooling instability that causes hot coronal mass to condense and fall back to the chromosphere, closing the loop of the corona-chromosphere mass cycle and providing implications for the fundamental centenp heating problem. However, finding or keeping track of which flares have been observed by specific combinations of instruments can be cumbersome and time consuming.


Cenheno note that comments must be submitted via the mechanisms described above in order to be considered. Solar-stellar connections Session Submit your abstract today!

Ryan Milligan 14 Jul This Symposium will bring together scientists from diverse, interdisciplinary scientific areas such as solar, stellar and planetary physics, atmospheric and climate physics and astrobiology to review the current state of our understanding of solar and stellar environments. Many of the collected papers will be based on presentations and discussions at a recent AGU Chapman conference held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in May This activity influences planetary atmospheres, climate and habitability.

Kelly Korreck 01 Jul Claire Foullon 01 Jul Availability of Ground-based Flare Datasets. Wednesday, 3 August Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics: Candidates not holding a PhD yet are encouraged to apply, but they must provide evidence of receiving their degree before starting the fellowship.

These disparate data are essentially different views of the same Sun-Earth system.

In the near future, the Daniel K. The behavior of this system is measured by many different instruments that produce many varied data. Manuscripts should be submitted through the website: For each flare entry idsparate to corresponding space-based observations are also provided.


The Symposium is expected to fertilize exchange of ideas and identify outstanding issues — tackling which necessitates coordinated scientific efforts across disciplines. Please try to keep meeting and workshop announcements to no more than one page fewer than 60 lines of typed text with 72 characters per linewith a Web address for further information.

Fine-structure of solar flares Session You can check your submission at http: Submissions should be made via the submission webform at solarnews.

Fine structure and dynamics of active regions and sunspots – II Session We solicit contributions covering the following topics: The early abstract deadline is July 27th, and the final deadline is August 3. Wei Liu 15 Jul Submit your abstract to one of eight session by Friday, July What is the expectation for periods with absence of activity? Dibyendu Nandi 11 Jul SolarNews is normally distributed on the first and fifteenth of each month.