A mercenary, a galactic traveller, a survivor: Earl Dumarest is tired and wants to go home. But in a decadent universe where life is cheap and starflight precious. Dumarest of Terra (The Dumarest Saga in the UK) is a series of 33 science-fiction novels written by Edwin Charles Tubb between and They are the. This second review discusses Dumarest of Terra, currently a book series about a man searching for his home–a planet called Earth.

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With a od reputation as fair but shrewd negotiators, and consistently driven by the profit motive, Hausi are neither noble nor malicious. But, we are introduced to a man who lives by his wits and above all his reflexes. Return to Book Page.

Dumarest saga – Wikipedia

Your best option is to take a credit chip from me, keyed to your thumbprint. If you are a fan of the old RPG Traveller, then this may appeal to you as there is some terminology that GDW may have used for their game.

It was a hard journey across the Irdian Ocean, a place of monsters and tentacled horrors. Getting back to the last published book, I always felt that it was going to turn out that earth was where the Cyclan had their secret brain depository.

The Winds of Gath

Although this book can be read on its own, but I will be seeking out the other books dumareest the series to see how Dumarest proceeds from this point, whether the politics and conspiracies shown in this book play a terrra role, and discover whether Dumarest does indeed manage to get back to Earth. He carried a stone spear in one hand in a mitten, and there was a large knife tucked into one boot.


The problem was that mysteriously almost all evidence of Earth had been expunged.

Greetings Potential Purchaser of this book. Certainly I always had a soft spot for the agents of the Cyclan who not only make excellent and dangerous adversaries but have fabulous scarlet robes. The Cyclan are dedicated to statistics, facts, analysis, deduction and prediction, which is how they are often able to deduce Dumarest’s most probable location. I have to admit that while I hoped for a 34th book I really have no idea how the series would have gone forward, and only Mr Tubb would have had a proper idea.

It was reported that author Tubb died in October But Earth was a prescribed world, and no one came here to speak of the fate of humanity in the stars.

The Winds of Gath (Dumarest of Terra #1) by E.C. Tubb

More a planetary romance than a space opera the book has a setting that is nevertheless similar in structure and tropes to the original Traveller. A mercenary, a galactic traveller, a survivor: Often they are double agents, agents who will find Earl’s loving ways to be anathema to their deceit, and in the end, will give him their secrets But Earl dumarsst she exists, and he will dumarst her!

Little did I know what I was getting into after I decided to read Kalin because I found myself stuck in the house on a bad weather day. Gentleman Earl will also fall in love, a tedra and abiding love, one that would end his quest, far from Earth, in the arms of a loving companion Dumarest of Terra 1. If, on the other hand, you like in-depth character building or brilliant story-arcs, if Winds of Gath can be safely avoided.


The writing and story telling reminded me of the serials that people would watch at the theaters after paying a quarter each week. Their primary agents, Cybers, are trained from childhood in countless mental disciplines involving mathematics and reasoning, and are modified at puberty to be unable to experience any emotion. The Dumarest Saga concerns the various misadventures of Earl as he searches for clues to return home, and evades the horrible Cybers, dread agents of the devious Cyclan.

The prolific English writer E. It lkept them poor. Tdrra is the author of novels. A question best left to philosophers, perhaps.

I hope Phil Harbottle can find a writer who feels an affinity with Dumarest and his quest to continue the series. Middle of the road science fantasy, adventure novel that has not aged particularly well Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. I read the first book, and then the second and I was hooked. Someone, however, must have known but was not telling.

The books were related in that they featured the same character, one Earl Dumarest, in a quest to find his home planet Earth. I would be interested to know if that is the case. Earl Dumarest had stowed away on a ship leaving Earth at ten years of age.

As this version was published inperhaps Ted revised it to bring it more in line with later developments.