Gods of the Ancient Northmen by GEORGES DUMEZIL edited by EINAR The Drama of the World: Haider, Hoder, Loki 43 Translated by 71 lan l oth,\. Results 1 – 27 of 27 Loki. by Dumézil, Georges and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Title, Loki. Author, Dumezil. Publisher, University of Chicago Press, ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX.

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Georges Dumézil

dumezzil The names of the translators appear in the table of contents oppo- site each chapter or article for which they prepared the original draft. It is at the moment when divine society is with difficulty but definitively joined by the ad- junction of the representatives of fecundity ddumezil prosperity to those of sovereignly and force, it is at the moment when the two hostile groups make their peace, that a character is artificially created incarnating the force of intoxicating drink or of insobriety and is named after it.

In poki times it was called Tana Fork or Vana Fork. The three first chapters are an expansion of lectures given at Ox- ford in May,on the friendly initiative of Professor C.

This was a great place for sacrifices.

At the same time he managed to un- cover new comparative evidence, to modify and refine his thought, and to delve deeper into the “local color” of Germanic tradition he had eschewed in his study. His interpretations, sometimes betraying the narrow-minded conceptions of mediaeval dumrzil, may in other cases he founded on a better understanding of the heathen traditions, which may be ascribed to the fact that he was an Icelander himself and that he lived only a couple of KDtlirtes after the breakdown of paganism.

On the day when the Nasatya raised their claims and tried to enter into divine society, a bitter conflict ensued. It was not under just any circumstance, nor without design, that this man-drink was created. Scholars dmezil as the Dane Villielm Gronbech, whose first study appeared over sixty years ago, 4 abandoned the quest for origins to concentrate on reconstructing the psychological world of the ancient Germans.

A third criticism of the historicizing thesis leads us directly to our own task. His name means “the god who thunders,” and, if he helps the peasant in his work with the earth, it is in some violent fashion, even according to modern folk- lore, and as a mere byproduct of his atmospheric battle. This formula so frequently sums up the needs and imaginations of men, in such different circumstances, and in such different parts of the Scandinavian world, that it must be significant.


Among the “introducers” can be included Vayu in the Vedic tradi- tion, the Roman god Janus, and the Norse Heimdall, who announces the end of the world see chapter 7 below. In earlier eumezil 60 Dumezil concentrated on the sins that Starkad commits against each of the functions.

Loki by Georges Dumézil | LibraryThing

These are dumezi, god Hcimdall and, with the exception of Freya, the entire chorus of goddesses. Loku Hatigen’s present English translation offers the reader a sampling of some of the most important and dumezl representative of these writings.

The discovery was that the ancient Indo-European-speaking communities, from Rome to India, were most likely characterized, at least in their earliest phases, by a tripartite social class system; one that very broadly re- sembled the three Aryan or “twice born” castes of medieval and modern India. Cf – Littleton above, n. One must put them back in place, or rather leave them in situ, in the total picture and observe how they behaved in the different periods of Roman religion, how they survived, or perished, or became changed.

Roxane rated it it was amazing Jun 13, Inge Kcick Darmstadt, iyG. Anyone familiar with even Dumdzil’s early works could not fail to have been impressed with the painstaking research and careful attention paid to details.

Odin and Thor have other cares. In the words of Einar Hau- gen, DumOil’s writings “have restored to Scandinavian and to other Indo-European mythologies their backward perspective, revealing them as indigenous products with roots going back to the parent society of the Indo-Europcans.

Then they believed they would succeed. The closest parallel to Frey is Frotho III, who, after his death is carried about in state for three years. The bays in that lake correspond to the ncsscs of Selund. The name Kvasir in this sumezil lias long been interpreted: Rome, says the legend, was constituted by the union of two groups of men, the purely masculine companions of the demigod Romulus, maintainers of the promises of Jupiter and strong in their military valor, and the Sabines of Titus Tatius, rich fanners and, through their women, the only ones capable of giving fecundity and durability to poki nascent society.


The god Odin lie saw as a later importation from Saxaland to Scandinavia where he took hold mainly among the members of courtly society, owing chiefly to the proselytizing efforts of the court poets, the scalds. They inserted it into their Latin erudition, drawing their prin- cipal arguments from word play, from the consonance of indigenous proper names with biblical or classical names, deriving the Scots from Scythia, supposing a great migration of Picts with, naturally, a stop in France, at Poitiers, capital of the Pictaui.

Here, for lomi, is how E. But this union and this happy har- mony, founded on a clear analysis of human wishes, have not always existed, according to the legend.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After each offense he loses one of these lives, and after killing Olo he commits suicide.

We believe rather that it is a question here of two com- plementary terms in a unitary religious and ideological structure, one of which presupposes the other. Appended to Du mythe au roman ,oki several articles-some of them new— dealing either more closely with particular issues raised in connection with Hadingus specifically the hanging and drown- ing episode or with similar transpositions of myth to epic in other parts of Saxo’s writings, where Dumezil is able to show that Saxo took more liberties with his source than had been previously sup- posed.

When this force proves to be excessive for the conditons of this world— for good or for evil— the person thus made is then killed and divided into three or four intoxicating parts that cither aid or threaten man. Introduction xxxiii Copenliagen,