EJAE-JMS4JDB, Yokogawa Differential Pressure Transmitter, $, Estimated Lead Time: 8 – 10 Weeks. The EJA-E series of transmitters is Yokogawa’s most recent evolution of the DPharp family of pressure transmitters. Released in , it combines the. Yokogawa Model EJAE Differential Pressure Transmitter Transmitter Smart / HART, Pressure. Type / Brand – Yokogawa make Model EJAE Differential.

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Although analog sensors are ykogawa, the modern DPharp sensor out performs them. Yokogawa’s pressure transmitters offer a universal mount that can be configured to handle either Gas or Liquid; reducing your inventory of replacement transmitters.


Yokogawa pressure transmitters have construction features that are designed to allow it to outlive your plant. Predictive impulse line blocking and stream tracing diagnostics lets you see problems before they happen. Yokogawa original distributor hart protocol differential pressure transmitter yokogawa eja Yokogawa’s differential pressure transmitter with multi-sensing DPharp sensor, can measure both process variables DP and SP yokohawa a single transmitter.

Differential pressure level measurement has an enemy- temperature. The unique design of the DPharp sensor allows for measuring differential pressure and static pressure at the same time.


Plants run better with Yokogawa differential pressure transmitters. Or a process upset?

EJAE | Yokogawa Electric Corporation

The response time of a transmitter is key to safe and accurate process control. Eja Pressure Transmitter Yokogawa Transmitter. Yokogawa offers several platforms to communicate to your transmitter. As soon as we receive the payment, we will arrange the production. Because of excellent performance, the products are widely used for following fields: But, Yokogawa goes a step ema110e and adds a mechanical system within the capsule to protect the transmitter from over pressure events.

Differential Pressure Transmitter Ejae Price. Temperature can have a negative effect on the accuracy of level measurement.

The first generation of the EJA series of transmitters was originally launched inand to date approximately five million units have been delivered to customers all around the world. By using open standards yoklgawa enabling technologies, the multi-sensing and advanced diagnostic capabilities in DPharp intelligent devices can be effectively utilized.

If the signal is lost from the sensor, the transmitter knows there is an issue.

They yokogaws not supply a continual signal, so is the sensor still working when there is no signal? The EJAE is our standard traditional-mount differential pressure transmitter in this series. An active sensor is inherently safe. DPharp Built-in Signal Characterizer. Product Overviews Product Overview. It offers the most technologically advanced solution with class-leading performance and stability specifications.


Every Yokogawa pressure transmitter is designed from the ground up with safety in mind.

Analog sensors are based on older design technology. Analog sensors are actually damaged during these events requiring the transmitter to be recalibrated to return to accurate operation or even replaced.

Yokogawa Eja Differential Pressure Transmitter. Its accurate yooogawa stable sensor can also measure the static pressure which can be shown on the integral indicator or remotely monitored via BRAIN or HART Other key features include quick response, remote set-up using communications and self-diagnostics.

Calibration frequency is determined by factoring the real-world performance of a device against the required measurement threshold. The basic physics of pressure Different types of pressure sensors Features of pressure transmitters Pressure transmitters communications standards Key characteristics of pressure Common types of diaphragm seals. With Yokogawa’s transmitters, no longer will you have to maintain two seperate inventories – one for production applications and eja1110e for safety applications.