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Datenblatt A220

No part of this publication may. In that case the demand reset lockout time will not be started. After exceeding a predefined threshold an output contact can be closed opened.

Product Specification instalert Rapid Messenger Variable Message Sign instalert 2 units to cover any application instalert 18 ia You do this by keeping the alternate button pressed down for longer than 2 s.

Instruction Manual Firmware version: The real-time clock supplies the time stamp for all events inside the meter, such as time stamp for maximum measurement, time stamp for voltage interruptions, etc. Ethan Anderson 3 years ago Views: Thyristor-controlled power supplies and battery chargers Thyristor-controlled power supplies and battery chargers Input voltage: Getting started with the software Manuel d installation Installation manual. The back-lightened display will be activated for 2 minutes by pressing the alternate button.

The default More information.

After the running reserve has been exhausted, the device clock will start after power up with the time and date information of the last power outage. The maximum possible number of switching tables is thus: Power data collected every 3 seconds.

The display control and the edit function for settable values are handled by means of “single-hand operator control” in conformity with the stipulations of the VDEW – Specification, i. After the segment test will be displayed the standard data readout list of the meter can be read by the optical port. Equipment The following equipment comes with the clock system: With the integrated SmartSlot technology, mx systems ag offers automatic consumer data read-out More information.


The load profile memory possesses the following characteristics: Only a password is required. FW Essential features of the alpha meter High accuracy Digital measured-value processing with a digital signal processor DSP and high sample rate for accurate, flexible measured-value processing in all 4 quadrants Integrated communication module With the integrated communication module the meter can be used for Smart Metering application. Indicator for positive active power Arrow to the left: The PM looks interesting but perhaps too advanced for my application.

The terminal cover provides the possibility for cut-outs The terminal cover can be sealed for limit access to the main meter connections Under the terminal cover an exchangeable battery can be fixed The main cover is moulded in tinted, clear polycarbonate The metal ring of the optical port is fixed under the main cover.

This can be done by either More information. Quad Quad More information. For purposes of menu option selection, the alternate button must be held down for at least 2 s. The final value in the call list is the end-of-list identifier, which is designated in the display’s value range by the word “End” Load profile values of the selected day Display of the day block selected begins by showing the oldest load profile values stored on this day the value stored at 0.

This blog post is just my notes about smart meters which to buy?

Functional schematics of the meter. Control System We manufacture, an advanced PC based access x220 solution that will give you control over who has access to your building. XX 6 Power factor phase L1 1. They are safeguarded by: The user has elstet option for using an own identifier system but to follow the international standardization the OBIS Identifier system EN is recommended see appendix, chapter If the meter does not incorporate an internal device clock, then the following data will be output instead of the time stamp: This feature will be available even if the meter is not connected to the main power.


AS Single phase Smart Meter. Product manual – PDF

Furthermore all register data can be readout by the optical interface Anti Tampering features The meter supports a lot of anti elter features. Peter Meredith In comparison to the register reading, the Delta value represents the energy of the variable measured between two defined points in time. R 4 of the 4 energy quadrants Combination of reactive energies, e.

While a measured value is actually being displayed, then it will not be updated in the scroll mode. Time and date can be set by using the optical or electrical interface.

Acts on room temperature control. With the remote metering the standardization process become more and more important. The segment test will be displayed first. The number of the reset counting mechanism simultaneously serves as an auxiliary Identifier for the preceding values. The tariff table 1 will be overwritten and the internal tariff control of the meter will only be done by this second tariff table. September 2 2 A Binary 5D Product family: To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.