Empoasca fabae: Pygofer, lateral view. (From Young, b). Empoasca fabae: Subgenital plate. (From Dworakowska, c). Empoasca fabae: Style. Order Homoptera: Family Cicadellidae. Description. Leafhoppers are a group of small insects with piercing-sucking mouthparts. Authors: Buyung Hadi, Jan Knodel and Ken Ostlie. Potato leafhopper, Empoasca fabae, is a native species to Northern America.

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Research has indicated that over the emppoasca 62 years they have been arriving back to their summer range earlier by ten days.

Empoa albipicta Osborn, a: Adults appear somewhat similar to immatures but lack wings.

Empoasca fobae Bird, R. Aedeagus lateral flange absent. A bibliography of the potato leafhopper Empoasca fabae Harris Homoptera: Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences.

Segment X base with well-sclerotized dorsal arch.

Species Empoasca fabae – Potato Leafhopper –

Migration of the potato leafhopper – a report on a cooperative study. Pygofer basal portion of ventral appendage not or only slightly broadened. Empoasca consobrina Walsh, a: Aedeagus atrium in caudoventral view empoadca greatly expanded laterally, less than 2x average width of preatrium or shaft.


Posteromedial margin of eye extended to posterior margin of head. Leafhoppers of Ohio Cicadellidae. Leafhoppers typically overwinter as adults.

Research is indicating the possibility of being able to control populations by increasing E. The potato leafhopper and the hopperburn that it causes. Aedeagal shaft in lateral view not including processes curved dorsad or straight.

Style apophysis section anterad of articulation to connective much longer than apodeme. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Coronal suture extended well beyond crown midlength but not onto face. Argentine leafhoppers of the genus ” Empoasca ” Homoptera, Cicadellidae. This page was last edited on 23 Mayat Mesosternum concolorous with rest of thoracic venter. Adults have pale to iridescent green bodies with 6 or 8 white spots on their pronotum. Environment Entomology 24 5: Empoasca fabae Harris Observation on some Hemiptera taken in Florida in the spring of Crown in dorsal view distinctly longer medially than next to eye.


Pygofer ventral appendage excavated preapically or compressed and tapered, bladelike. Treatment for leafhoppers should be initiated tabae injury symptoms are numerous and leafhoppers are present in the field. The Cicadellidae Homoptera of Virginia. Content is available for non-profit, educational use under our Copyright Agreement.

Empoasca fabae

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. Annals of Applied Biology. Cicadellidae from highland crops of Colombia.