These poems are from En la masmédula (In the Moremarrow), which culminates Girondo’s career of poetic engagement with the vanguard; his lifelong rejection. “In the fabled history of experimental South American literature, Girondo’s En la masmédula stands alongside Trilce as a marker of the fruitful. “In the fabled history of experimental South American literature, Girondo’s En la masmédula stands alongside Trilce as a marker of the fruitful extremes to which.

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Oliverio Girondo, poems

Everything I do is everything I do, but, masmevula end, shot through with love. Taking and then framing a photograph of the Cordon Cacti garden seems tempting, as a compromise and a memorial, but this is neither transplanting nor translating. But then again, marrow, or the essence of a thing, is already part of this tension. This too points out something for me that is disconcerting. The ButMarrow sounds horrific.

In masmedulw, Girondo was injured in a car accident which left him with diminished faculties. It is split into two short sections. A mamsedula, in this case at least, is not a poem. But once again, very gestural. Who wants to be subject to objectification?

Mi lubidulia builds to mi golocidalove. Perhaps, then, this is not so foreign. Love is the essence. A garden represents an exercise in duration, it is alive, it is exposed to time, it grows, it shoots new buds, other things flower from it.


Mi lu builds to mi lubidulia.

In the poem Plexile, the page topography is different. We need a new arrangement that fairly represents the old arrangement, but we need entirely new plants. In Girondo published Campo nuestroa single long poem.

Oliverio Girondo – Wikipedia

It is this final clause that runs in counterpoint to everything preceding it, but more, that completes everything. Both the process of writing experimental poetry and the process of translating it — as well as the process of reading it — entail risk, a surrender of certainty and control in favor of trying to know and mean through language in the present in new ways. It is not a garden.

Retrieved from ” https: It is more primordial marrow. It is hard to say what stubborn female couplings refers to. If love is the essence of things, the essence of love is More. We are exposed to its symptoms. The third right-indented column is the finished lla. Retrieved April 16, Or is it just turtles all the way down?

I know that analysis is a fundamental part of translation.

This book is hard to write girodo, around, through. Because it rewrites itself by correcting the mistakes of our World. I notice the Spanish helps.

Is there an authoritative, origin-al essence to be mined at the bottom? It is a historical document, a hasty epitaph to something still living elsewhere. Maybe something about the male poet accepting his anima, that female part of him that is stubbornly there but his machismo stubbornly rejects.


Oliverio Girondo

We see an organism build its limbs in response to each limb just built. My Lumy does this, too, at its best moments. To undo the dovetails, quite literally. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on August 17,Oliverio Girondo studied and traveled widely in Europe as a young man, serving as a European correspondent for Argentine literary magazines including Plus ultra and Caras y caretas and establishing close friendships with writers and artists who introduced him to surrealism and other vanguard movements.

It reminds me of constituent elements readying themselves to become compound. InGirondo married fellow writer Norah Lange, and during the mids their house in Buenos Aires served as a meeting place for the younger literary generation, including Francisco Madariaga, Enrique Molina, Olga Orozco, and Aldo Pellegrini.

En la masmédula (Oliverio Girondo) | Literatura que suena

Around the year he began painting in the style of surrealism, but he never masmsdula or sold any of these works. It is simply a record of masmddula static moment.

I think this book is extremely important. Girondo’s works are the backbone of The Dark Side of the Hearta independent film directed by Eliseo Subielain which a poet strives to find the love of his life, defying Death’s constant interventions.