Ledderhose disease is a type of plantar fibromatosis characterized by the growth of hard and round or flattened nodules (lumps) on the soles of the feet. La enfermedad de Ledderhose es una hiperproliferación benigna de fibroblastos y colágeno a nivel de la aponeurosis plantar. Patología de baja incidencia y. Fibromatosis plantar o enfermedad de Ledderhose, como causa de dolor plantar. Authors: JdD. Beas-Jiménez, R.A. Centeno-Prada, C. García-Antúnez, M.D.

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As radiotherapy of Dupuytren and Ledderhose disease often also relieves pain, patients suffering from painful disease might also be potential candidates for radiotherapy. There is also a suspected, although unproven, link between incidence and alcoholismsmokingliver diseases, thyroid problems, and stressful work involving the feet. New author database endermedad installed, click here for details.

The initial proliferating stage is most suitable for radiotherapy. Page views in Case 7 Case 7. Palmar fibromatosis Dupuytren’s contracture Small nodules or nodular enfrrmedad associated with aponeurosis and subcutaneous fat, with gray-yellow-white cut surface color depends on collagen content Plantar fibromatosis Ledderhose’s disease 2 – 3 cm nodules associated with aponeurosis and subcutis, with gray-yellow-white cut surface color depends on collagen content.

Rare diseases Dermal and subcutaneous growths. Because Ledderhose shows less cords but mostly larger nodules, radiation therapy is applied to those larger nodules as well. Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: Injections of superoxide dismutase have proven to be unsuccessful in curing the disease [9] while radiotherapy has been used successfully on Ledderhose nodules.

Seegenschmiedt, Nefermedad Hamburg Nord, Germany Where radiotherapists have limited experience in diagnosing Dupuytren’s it might be feasible to consult an experienced hand surgeon for marking the nodules. Because RT is usually not repeated it is very important that all sites of Dupuytren’s in the hand are identified and included within the irradiated area.


Case 8 Case 8.

Courtesy of Mark R. Articles Cases Courses Quiz. Uniform, plump, immature spindle cells myofibroblasts and fibroblasts with bland nuclei and indistinct nucleoli Moderate collagen and elongated vessels Older lesions: Palmar fibromatosis Dupuytren’s contracture Proliferative phase: Note that there is no shielding required.

MRIs are rarely required for diagnosis but an experienced physician will be able to palpate even tiny nodules and cords. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Treatment by radiotherapy probably makes sense for patients with aggressive Dupuytren’s where RT can slow down or halt disease progression and who otherwise would have to face later surgery or frequent minimally invasive treatments. Fascia with infiltrates of spindle cells. Ligamentopathy Ligamentous laxity Hypermobility. Also available as ebook. Nodules or masses of plantar fibromatosis are typically located in the middle to the medial aspect of the plantar arch and may extend to involve the skin or deep structures of the foot.

The disease is named after Dr. About Blog Go ad-free. Soft inner soles on footwear and padding may be helpful. Unable to process the form.

Above comments apply for Ledderhose accordingly. Lesions may be symptomatic because of a mass effect or invasion of adjacent muscles or neurovascular structures.

Plantar fibromatosis – Wikipedia

Dr medical condition new All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December The aggressiveness of Dupuytren’s disease may depend on several factors, one of them being age. After radiotherapy the nodule is not gone but reduced in size.

Below is a encermedad from a presentation by Seegenschmiedt et al. As the growth of a nodule is the net effect of building new cells and of removing dead leddethose, the slowing down of the growth of new cells can result in shrinking and softening of the nodule. More dense collagen, less cellularity Variable mitotic figures Occasional attachment to dermis or cartilaginous metaplasia Usually no infiltration of surrounding tissue beyond subcutis Plantar fibromatosis Ledderhose’s disease Proliferative phase: This disease is not very well known in primary care, probably due to its low incidence.


We believe it is recommendable to review the pathology for its correct treatment and referral where necessary. Below picture illustrates the difference between a patients finding left the result of the physician’s palpation right. Familia de 9 hermanos con 4 afectados de fibromatosis plantar y 6 con enfermedad de Dupuytren.

Additional detailed consideration and information on radiotherapy specifically at a Hamburg clinic are provided by a patient Alastair Cook on dupuytrensradiotherapy. Patients with a dormant disease or low probability enfremedad recurrence might get along well with a “wait and see” strategy. Case 4 Case 4. Plantar fascial fibromatosisalso known as Ledderhose’s diseaseMorbus Ledderhoseand plantar leddfrhoseis a relatively uncommon [2] non-malignant thickening of the feet’s deep connective tissue, or fascia.

Picture provided by H.

Plantar fibromatosis

Palmar fibromatosis Dupuytren’s contracture Fibrosarcoma: At the same time not diseased areas are usually not irradiated to minimize risk of cancer and to allow later treatment in case DD should start in those areas.

Post-surgical radiation treatment may decrease recurrence.

As in most forms of fibromatosisit is usually benign and its onset varies with each patient. The hand is ready for treatment.