The Evolved Packet Core portfolio includes SGSN/MME* and Mobile Packet Gateway – software upgrades of the existing SGSN and GGSN. PDF | SGSN and GGSN are the two core network elements of the general packet radio service which enables Ahmad Ali Habeeb at Ericsson. GGSN communicates to SGSN and when it receives data variables. It was designed by Ericsson to support fault-tolerant and distributed applications.

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A VPC consists of a collection of VMs, storage, and networking resources that provide secure multi-tenancy to the enterprises renting space in the cloud.

The cloud manager or cloud operating system is a software program that can schedule execution to allow an in-service upgrade of hardware and software without impacting ongoing service provisioning to the VMs and their applications in the gggsn computing system. In another embodiment, the system components are implemented in software for example microcode, assembly language or higher level languages. The hypervisor schedules the execution of virtual machines VMs.

The bearer DSCP will be nonzero if the bearer is a dedicated bearer and it is not a best effort bearer. In other instances, well-known circuits, structures and techniques have not been shown in detail in order not to obscure the understanding of this description.

Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)

In addition to the flow table fields, an object is required to encode the encapsulation of the virtual port TEID hash table entry. These principles and features can also be implemented using a non-virtualized environment including non-virtualized control plane entities that are executed in any combination of cloud computing systems, single servers, distributed server systems and similar systems.

The cloud manager can be a VM or an application executed within the cloud computing system For encapsulation virtual ports, the physical port is an output port. The erjcsson of the invention should, therefore, be determined with reference to the appended claims, along with the full scope of equivalents to which such claims are entitled.


Flow generation from second level controller to first level controller to managed switching element. For these packets, the OpenFlow controller programs a rule matching the 4 tuple: Wild card flows for switches and virtual switches erixsson on hints from hypervisors.

The process ericswon deleting a session is illustrated in FIG.

Back Office PS Core Engineer (Ericsson SGSN/MME, GGSN/MPG)

To rate this item, click on a rating below. The virtual customer edge router CE is updated for the new service step 3. One skilled in the art would understand that the principles and features described above in relation to the cloud computing system can also be implemented in other configurations such as single servers or distributed server systems.

Behind the Scenes at Sprint’s 5G ‘Split’. Network controller, switch and method for increasing openflow network capability.

PS Core Engineer (Back Office Ericsson SGSN/MME, GGSN/MPG, iDNS, SAPC) on

The hypervisor allows a VM to be suspended and moved between servers to load balance. The virtual switch software also allows the network resources to be virtualized in a manner similar to how the server resources are virtualized by the hypervisor. Infographic Archive Sponsored Infographic Archive. The GTP header flags field can also be wildcarded, this can be partially matched by combining the following bitmasks: However, it is understood that embodiments of the invention may be practiced without these specific details.

The cloud manager also provides reliability and failover by restarting a VM for a particular control plane entity or function if any of the 3G PC control plane entities should crash. The storage devices represent one or more non-transitory machine-readable or computer-readable storage media and non-transitory machine-readable or computer-readable communication media. The core network also contains databases and network management functions.

The method of claim 5further comprising the step of configuring a switch in a new route of the GTP tunnel, via the control plane protocol, to forward packets of the subscriber session according to the GTP tunnel. Each 3G PC instance is in a VPC A,B that isolates the mobile operator’s traffic from other tenants in ercisson cloud computing facility of the data center. The Ericson controller programs 3 rules for this purpose. The method of claim 1wherein receiving the request by the controller to create a GTP tunnel further comprises the step of receiving a GTP routing update request from a control plane component of the GGSN.


The tunnel origin source IP address contains the address on the encapsulating ericssob to which any control traffic involving the tunnel should be directed for example, error indications. Such tunnels may or may not be required. If they are not required, then these fields are empty. To define a flow, all the available matching fields may be used.

If the fgsn four bits are 1, the type and flags field should be ignored, while if the upper four bits are 1, the TEID should be ignored. The process for creating a session is illustrated in FIG.

The content is originally not formulated for the UE’s screen, so the OpenFlow controller has installed flow rules and actions on the GGSN 1 B, SGSN and the OpenFlow switches to route the flow through a transcoding application in the cloud computing facility.

In one embodiment, the cloud based 3G PC system can be implemented as a set of hardware devices. The ericssob of OpenFlow erkcsson presented by way of example and not limitation. The managed services cloud computing facility runs separate instances of the 3G PC control plane for every mobile operator with which the managed services company has a contract.