Oggetto generale della tesi è il benessere del cavallo, particolarmente riguardo RE, basato sull’applicazione di alcuni concetti di etologia equina (inerenti le. Etologia del cavallo. Recommend · Ask question. Be the first to rate this product. PayPal Logo. ×This website uses cookies. You agree to this by using this page. Abituazione e desensibilizzazione | Etologia del cavallo.

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Francesco De Giorgio is an Italian ethologist and applied behaviour researcher, currently living in the Netherlands and working both in Italy as in the Netherlands. Preserving the cognitive abilities in horses and creating experiences shared with a positive intention, makes it also possibile to cope together with a horse more favallo experiences.

Are readers of our face readers of our minds?

Their shared passion for horses and keen insight in social dynamics brought them together and today they live in the Netherlands with their eight horse companions, four dogs and two cats. Graduating from Parma University inFrancesco began his career as an independent field researcher, supporting several universities whilst indulging his lifelong passion for horses and dogs as an Equine and Canine Learning Professional — helping owners to enhance their relationships with animals.

In these moments the horses lives a strong reduction of their natural spontaneous behaviours to improve behaviour functional ettologia human anthropocentric desires.

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Their relationship at the Elephant Sanctuary indicated that they clearly remembered one another and the special adult-calf relationship they had once shared. Social cognitive evolution in captive foxes is a correlated by-product of experimental domestication.

Dealing with an injury for example. A kind of communication during horse-human interaction, that could be stored in a long-term memory way. Social interaction of free-ranging Przewalski horses in semi-reserves in the Netherlands. Per ora vi salutiamo, non esitate a contattarci per ogni esigenza, anche se volete vivere le giornate di Learning Horse qui da noi: Horse Memory What have you human done for me lately? Riserva Zooantropologica Sparta www.


etologia del cavallo | The Cognitive Horse

Applide Animal Behaviour Science. As horses are often seen as anxious, unpredictable animals, the fear to let them express themselves, convinced that this might be dangerous, actually makes them anxious and unpredictable animals. Another interesting aspect comes up when we look at the following example of long-term memory in relationship dynamics considering the davallo of two elephants after 23 years. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Also many stories and experiences narrated by horse people, seem to confirm that horses can recover stored information over a long-term period of latency.

Comportamento ed etologia del cavallo Il branco selvatico: Etlogia of horses to novel visual, olfactory and auditory stimuli.

Below a list of pictures about spontaneous behaviours and spontaneous horses during our practical activities:.

The reduction of the sponteneous behaviour often happens already during the initial training of young horses. Operant conditioning applied during these moment with negative or positive reinforcement drastically reducing spontaneous behaviours and so reducing equine welfare.

Novel object shared investigation without conditioning or expectations. Shared social exploration without conditioning or expectations. For a horse-human relationship based on reciprocal expression. It is, for example, observing eachother and the herd dynamics, looking from a distance while eating grass, pre-conflict behaviour to avoid tension, smelling eachother to better understand a certain situation.

Se vuoi fare dei percorsi di formazione sulla conoscenza del cavallo, venendo qui in Olanda da noi, per sviluppare e potenziare competenze nel campo del comportamento del cavallo. Horses can remember for a long time if their interaction with a person was based on a positive intention or not.


The behaviour of the horse. Un impegno anche pratico nel seguire i nostri otto cavalli, i quattro cani ed i due gatti ormai integratissimi in questa nuova terra.

Species-speciWc diVerences and similarities in the behavior of hand-raised dog and wolf pups in social situations with humans. Al link che segue potete vedere alcune immagini dei ragazzi di Pisa in fase di lavoro di ricerca tra i cavalli: I cavalli di federico.

But what are the spontaneous behaviours of a horse? J Comp Psychol Fel chimpanzees tailor their gestural signals to Wt the attentional states of others?


A horse which is trained to obey, will be less capable to access instruments useful for problem-solving e. Anche un gruppo di cavalli free-roaming Konik ha dato il suo contributo come gruppo di confronto. It is much more then mutual grooming, which is an expressing that can also be part of an attempt to reduce tension. Fundamental for the correct development of cognitive functions.

Below a list of pictures about spontaneous behaviours and spontaneous horses during our practical activities: Attention, awareness, relaxation, contact and social interaction are keywords in a spontaneous interaction. Known object shared investigation without conditioning or expectations. Il percorso ZEA sviluppa maggiore conoscenza, consapevolezza ed esperienza nella relazione tra animale ed uomo, vista attraverso una cornice assolutamente nuova e molto pratica. The behaviouristic theories of the early twentieth century, are obsolete and we must have clear it.