Article byWieger about speaker kit Duetta I have been “stumbling” onto reports about the Eton chassis, with beautiful flowery descriptions and installed in all. Your specialist für loudspeakers, home hifi, pro audio, car-hifi, electronic parts, capacitors, inductors, resistors, circuit boards and accessories. Actually i had no need for yet another speaker. Our livingroom was well equipted with SB18, SB30 Center and a MDS12 Subwoofer. But our bedroom had old.

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It is available here for public use, free of charge.

A new stereo system. After a high-quality living room theater at least by the standards of the timewith a p projector, DVD player and 5. All of the slats were glued down one by one, and the cabinets were put together for the first time.

Audiophile DIY 3 way loudspeaker system

So a few new items were added to my loudspeaker wish list: I have some experience with building speakers, in the past I have build a horn, an active subwoofer and satellite speakers. This step was very tricky. So we started by going through the relevant big-box electronics stores and looking for ready-made speakers. Customer rating More articles Customer images Questions Home theatre. Customer rating More articles Customer images Questions. Electrolytic and oiled-paper capacitors tend to whitewash the sound somewhat, which etob good for some metal tweeters.

I also decided to have a cabinetmaker do the veneer work, since it was my first time building hi-fi speakers and I had never done a veneer before. Like many people, I eventually got to the point where the systems available in stores were no longer satisfactory With a ston minimum and nearly 5 ohms throughout above Hz after connected impedance correction, even a small tube amplifier should be perfect here when it comes to creating beautiful sound at home.

I started with a VHS video recorder and a Trinitron 4: But we quickly fixed that.


Duetta Standtop by Matthias – August – Loudspeakermagazine | Loudspeakerbuilding

Ultimately, I just have to say that in my opinion, the Duetta Tops are ideal for this kind of music.

By no means do I want to claim that all capacitors or inductors with the same value sound identical. The kits are the only thing that provides a practical application for them. Air coils with thick wire are not necessarily preferable to core coils. Little Princess Loudspeaker assembly kits are just what is needed when new loudspeaker chassis elements first see the light of day. Teilen Sie diesen Bericht: A few months later, when we needed a special assembly kit for the issue, our stated goal was to come up with something even better.

Since I have zero experience, I dug through magazines, read reviews, etc. Maurizios Little Princess Sometime in mid, the building of speakers was a topic at the weekly meeting for dining and drinking. The ambiance was at least as good as with the Audio Physic, but without the slightly annoying undertone ok, since this thread is very analytical already.

The speakers would use two colors. It took me a long time to get around to building the AX 6. But first let me start with a couple of comments about do-it-yourself projects in general.

Vota 3 As soon as Vota 1 and 2 were featured in the magazine the readers were already calling for an extension. At this point, nothing was glued down yet, but we quickly took care of that.

Wiegers Duetta Terrazzo It all started after we moved into our new home. Post 3 of 4.

They are four channel, however, you can find the two channel GFA etpn a few other models around the same price. Would they work well enough here, too? Attaching the threaded sleeves for the rubber feet and placing all of the wiring.

We can feel fortunate with the Eton because we have Philipp Vavron on our team, who duetga known for building excellent drivers. Ericks Duetta Hi-fi has fascinated me ever since I started earning my own money, which was a long time ago now. So I finally came around to nu jazz and ruetta.


Once the slats had been placed as a test, I was very happy that the planning phase had been so extensive and precise after all.

Sometime in mid, the building of speakers was a topic at the weekly meeting for dining and drinking.

Since my standards for loudspeakers had been pretty modest before, the first place I looked was an electronics store. The deep tone in particular convinced me right away. In the next step, I used contact adhesive to attach 4-mm-thick bitumen panels, in order to reduce cabinet vibrations and to dampen the emanating sound. The deep tone in particular always surprises me. When I then also learned by email that the large model goes 3 Hz deeper, duwtta that it is 0. Castroper 2 by Castroper 2.

Lautsprecher, Selbstbau, Eton, Duetta, ER4 und Etonkombi sp

My tried and true MKP capacitors were much more neutral, so they had a home in my preferred boxes from then on. The HDF board was mistreated with a hot iron to bend it around the curve, since etob can be bent with heat. Some started out with mostly black discs on a turntable, while others dustta an audiotape in a little plastic case also known as a compact cassette. After the second dry pressing attempt, the problem was clear. It mercilessly reveals bad recordings, while good recordings benefit from these speakers.

The tweeters were fairly harsh and aggressive for my taste, and the bass had a kind of volume boost. Axis dketta 34 Kerpen, we have a problem After all, the E4 needs a decent amount of time before it is broken in.

I also thought building it with several layers of bent plywood would be more complicated.