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F Horn II 2.

Bass Trombone C 2. The piece itself is about 16 and a half minutes long and basically falls into a number of clearly defined sections. Eb Horn I 1.

Extreme Make-over (Score & Parts)

The build to the final section will tax bands to the full and contains a subtle key change or does it? There is use of dynamic contrast as well as articulation nuance whilst the need for balance and tuning is paramount.

It is however a work of real beauty and elegance allied to some amazingly complex technical writing.

F Horn IV 2. Trombone II C 2. Eb Horn IV 2. Bb Clarinet II 6. Eb Bass Tuba T.

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Additional Parts [for European countries only] 1. Bb Bass Tuba T. Trombone I C 2. F Horn I 2. Eb Baritone Sax 2. It is a brilliant idea that comes startlingly to life. F Horn III 2. It ends with a quote from Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony, before we come to what will be a section of writing that will surely be talked about for years to come.

de Meij, Johan – Extreme Make-over (Score & Parts)

Johan de Meij Johan de Meij Born in Voorburg, studied trombone and conducting at the Royal Conservatory of Music at The Hague and has earned international fame as a composer scofe arranger. Quartet playing is something of a lost art, and playing with an intuitive sense of balance and with recognition of the main thematic line is the key.

Finally, at we come to final climax with a subtle little echo of the Overture underscored in the 3rd cornet and flugel and with the bells peeling. Bass Bb Trombone T. Bb Trumpet I 2. Johqn middle section is a tad overlong and can be seen as an attempt to rest the players before the final onslaught.

He has won a number of international prizes and is recognised both in his home country and abroad as a composer of distinction.


This fragile movement is joined makeoover to the finale, a canonic treatment of the theme. AM Hal Leonard Instrumentation: Bb Trumpet II 2. The nakeover metamorphosis emanates from a single tone, to which the two successive tones from the theme are added in bell-like chords. It does however go on a bit, and there is the thought that it is used in a way to give the ragged lips of the players a bit of a rest before they are asked for more pain in the final section of the work.

Hurtling through each instrumental group, it leads us to a festive conclusion. Bb Bass Tuba B. He is much in demand as a guest conductor: Some of the technical writing meiij frightening in its difficulty and no one is spared. Bb Trombone II T.