French term or phrase: fascia de Alban (fascia de Halban). Hi, I believe there is a typo in the French and it should be “fascia de Halban”. The Halban cul-de-sac closure is a vertical closure of the peritoneum that . of the graft (synthetic nonabsorbable material or homologous fascia) to the sacrum. toward the pubic bone, the pubo-cervical fascia (Halban’s fascia) 12 close the 2nd part of the vagina is de facto included in the fascia which is.

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Grading comment Thanks a million! At the level of the uterosacral and cardinal ligaments, a bite is taken through each of these ligaments proximal to the ligature connecting the pedicle to the vagina.

Le Fascia de Halban – Jean-Jacques Vasseur – Google Books

Fixation with pulley and safety stitches. Return to KudoZ list.

The only drawback to this type of culdoplasty is a possible increased incidence of kinking or ligating the ureter, because it is so balban to the uterosacral ligament. New York, Thieme-Stratton, By incorporating these peritoneal sutures vertically, ureteral damage is averted while the surgeon closes off a potential, deep, or obvious enterocele sac.

Randomized comparison of three surgical methods at vaginal hysterectomy to prevent enterocele. Even if the strip was not to be considered to be a substance or fe, it would still be patentable within this framework. Recurrences frequently have the following causes: The cul-de-sac is obliterated. However, claim 1 only requires the material of the strip to be biocompatible, which is not limitative at all in the present case.


These sutures are held and left untied until any re reconstructive procedures are completed. It has been shown, both clinically and anatomically, that damage to the suspensory fibers that attach to the vaginal vault results in vaginal vault prolapse.

Anatomic vaginal or abdominal repair can be accomplished in this group of patients fasci reduction in vaginal depth, diameter, or function. Significance of restoration of normal vaginal depth and axis. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes.

[The reality and usefulness of Halban’s fascia].

Enterocele formation is more common than often recognized. Several methods of vaginal fixation at the time of hysterectomy are currently recognized. Fsscia of the abdominal peritoneum should be performed during vaginal hysterectomy as part of the attempt to prevent enterocele formation. In view of the above considerations the strip the therapeutic effect of which does not result from the nature of the biocompatible material, i.

Lateral view of completed closure. The asker opted for community grading. These fsacia are performed both routinely and adjunctly.

Also discussed are techniques to close the cul-de-sac of Douglas that are used to prevent the formation of an enterocele and prevent apical descent.

You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. A recent study showed that in all patients except those with severe uterovaginal prolapse or procidentia, the ureter actually is protected by the cutting of the cardinal ligaments at the start of the procedure.

The graft is secured to the underlying serosa of the sigmoid with two or three nonabsorbable sutures Fig. Use of a biocompatible material for manufacturing a strip 1 for the treatment of female urinary incontinence by means of a method comprising the following steps: Recent studies of the Neugebauer-Le Fort procedure 20 for vaginal prolapse reported good results. When these fibers are destroyed, are surgically lax, or are not used for prevention of posthysterectomy prolapse at the time of hysterectomy, vaginal vault prolapse can result.


These sutures are used to hold one end of the graft synthetic nonabsorbable material or homologous fascia to the sacrum.

Vaginal Surgery, p Claim 1 of the first auxiliary request before the Board was identical to claim 1 of request A and read in English translation: If abdominal hysterectomy is indicated in a patient with uterovaginal prolapse, abdominal sacrocolpopexy can be performed as an adjunct procedure.

Here is the verdict of the Board: Long-acting absorbable sutures or monofilament permanent sutures are placed through the ligament. Beco J, Mouchel J. Telinde’s Operative Gynecology, p The file wrapper can be found here. Innervation of the female levator ani muscles.

Surgical method of identifying the ureters during total vaginal hysterectomy. However, every effort should be made to preserve vaginal function, length, and axis. However, if prolapse occurs, restoration of the normal anatomic relationships should be attempted, either transvaginally or transabdominally.

It has been modified and is now heralded as a technique to close the cul-de-sac during the course of different abdominal procedures i.

From the point of view of embryogenesis, they believe that Halban’s hqlban comes from the same mesenchyme layer as that which gives rise to the corpus spongiosus of the penis.