Recorded on November 9, Natan Sharansky sits down with Peter Robinson to discuss Soviet communism and its impact on his personal. Temperamentally and intellectually, Natan Sharansky is a man very much like Since Fear No Evil was originally published in , the Soviet government that. Temperamentally and intellectually, Natan Sharansky is a man very much like many of us—which makes this account of his arrest on political grounds, his.

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At every step, he engaged in noncooperation. Apr 11, Mark Dunn rated it it was amazing. Some of the stuff he does to the KGB is downright hilarious.

Fear No Evil

This is excellent stuff — Arete in action. Feb 16, Mich rated it it was amazing Shelves: For anyone with an interest in human rights—and anyone with an appreciation for the resilience of the human spirit—he illuminates the weapons with which the powerless can humble the powerful: In him I saw many qualities that are in myself-qualities like stubborness and stivking to ideals no matter what that people see as bad.

Since Fear No Evil was originally published inthe Soviet government that imprisoned Sharansky has collapsed. I reread it again about a year ago and still found it inspiring.

Fear No Evil – Anatoly Shcharansky, Natan Sharansky – Google Books

Open Preview See a Problem? Always given courage by the word of the G-D of Israel, and particularly guided by Psalm One of their attempts to break Sharansky involved giving him a book about how Jews controlled the world, and especially the United States. I wasn’t clear why he needed to go on so many hunger strikes, but they seemed to hel It took me a while to get into the book there were details of the how the Soviet Union society operated evll I glossed overbut once I got to know Sharansky as a evi and could relate to him, I was hooked.


Sharansky’s self-discipline and focus of mind is humbling and inspiring. He did not play chess in his head for 13 years to stay sane, he had a chess set.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. It is a testament to the eternal endurability of the Jewish people, and their unbreakable bond wit the Land of Israel.

Anatoly ShcharanskyNatan Sharansky. Who knows what is going on right now? Published November 27th by PublicAffairs first published It will remind us why freedom is important above all, and how an encroaching ever-expanding government can become oppressive under our very noses. How else can one explain what has been done to Mike Flynn despite the fact that the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did so under false pretense while he was still an official of the Trump White House and who did not believe he lied.

Every tour through the irrational labyrinth of the gulagthe Soviet prison system turns up new horrors, new injustices, new quirks concerning the human will to survive.

He had a very scientific approach to it and he prevailed. There are living hero’s MR Sharansky is one such person. You, however, are not simply a spy.

Here’s the publisher’s review: In a way, it evokes the spirit of Unbroken. Nothing like that could happen in America. So I’m watching Hell’s Kitchen the other night, one of the efil, if not the only, reality show I like though I’m enjoying it less and less every year.


His dream of freedom and the right to ‘make alyah’–to emigrate to Israel–was eventually realized inthanks both to his own courage, but also to the relentless efforts of his wife Avital Natasha and human rights workers around the world.

The story continues relating his refusal to cooperate with the KGB and his eventual release. But the truths Sharansky learned in his jail cell and sets forth in this book have timeless importance so long as rulers anywhere on earth still supress their own peoples. Oct 17, David Karpel rated it it was amazing. Christopher AndrewVasili Mitrokhin Limited preview – Surprisingly, it is often very funny. Jan 20, Judy Serreze rated it it was amazing.

I want to keep shzransky writing about everything that Sharansky made me think anout and conclude, but that would quickly become an essay, so I’ll leave it at here. I was fascinated by how he used chess and solving a chess problem as a way to cope while in a punishment cell.

He accepted long stays in punishment cells even though he knew he might die as a result. This is not a mere prison memoir, however, detailing the abuses of the Soviet state.

Jul 27, Hana rated it it was amazing Shelves: