The schedule for the Saturday workshops is described in the course overview. NONMEM Workshop Sunday (full day): Statistical basis of population modeling. From: Steven Shafer > Date: Mon, 14 Feb Dear Colleagues: You will be pleased to. This is the second announcement for the 15th Fisher/Shafer NONMEM Workshop with PLT Tools. The course will be held in Bethesda.

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Fisher/Shafer NONMEM Workshop

Dennis and I hope to see you in November in Bethesda! The Bethesda course was our 17th and last workshop.

You can find the course description and registration details at www. The fully functional PLT Tools is freely available for download. The day before the workshop Tuesday, November 2ndwe teach two half-day courses: You can download the fully functional unlicensed version of PLT Tools from www.

We also introduced batch processing of control files and automatic report generation in RTF formatfrequent requests of NONMEM users in a production environment, again to very positive user feedback. This archive was generated by hypermail 2.


Tue Jan 29 – It also has tools for comprehensive auditability and automated report generation. Shafer Population Approaches, Fixed vs. Fri, 21 May wrokshop Registrants were provided with a comprehensive set of graphical tools programmed in the R and S Plus statistical languages to create high-quality diagnostic and analysis plots, as well as a powerful graphical worlshop interface for NONMEM to facilitate rapid analysis of clinical trial data.

The workshop includeed an extensive set of example problems ranging from simple didactic examples to demonstrate basic concepts to complex examples from the instructors’ own experience. Automatic covariate searching, batch processing of NONMEM files, and automatic report generation will be a standard part of all future courses.

Suafer the workshops registrants who brought their own data were typically able to assemble datasets often using the R code learned in the R workshopand analyze their data using the PLT Tools diagnostic graphics e.

***SPAM*** [NMusers] 12th Fisher/Shafer NONMEM Workshop with PLT Tools

PLT Tools provides a graphical interface for controlling and organizing NONMEM analyses, comprehensive gisher to analyze model results, powerful features including visual predictive check, log likelihood profiling, bootstrap analysis, and jackknife model validation. The feedback from the three courses since we introduced PLT Tools 9th, 10th, and 11th is that workshop participants appreciated having access to the powerful features of the PLT Tools program.


Shafer Pharmacodynamic Models Tuesday Afternoon: Participants are encouraged to consider two introductory courses: Fisher Simulation and Validation Wednesday Morning: Participants who would workehop to brush up on NONMEM before starting the workshop on Wednesday are encouraged to attend this half-day session Tuesday afternoon.

We thank the hundreds of students who have made this course one of the highlights of our lives for the course duration. We introduced automatic covariate searching at the April workshop in San Francisco, where it was very well received.