Results 1 – 12 of 20 The making of the slavs: history and archaeology of the Lower Danube Region, ca. by Florin. Curta. Currently unavailable. Florin Curta has 18 books on Goodreads with ratings. Florin Curta’s most popular book is The Making of the Slavs: History and Archaeology of the Lowe. Rating and reviews for Professor Florin Curta from University of Florida Gainesville, FL United States.

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Arheologia Moldovei 37 So far, however, single coins from hilltop sites have rarely been treated as archaeological finds. Curta doesn’t make it any better. Because of these experiences, Dr.

An Interview with Dr. Florin Curta on Communism, Faith, and Academia

Meanwhile, the regime persecuted the Greek Catholic or Uniate church, which recognized the pope in Rome as their leader. Submit a Correction Learn how ratings work. As a well-established and tenured scholar, you have a certain freedom to express conservative political or social views that typically do not fall within the mainstream of academic thought on various issues.

Some of his political and social views have been inspired by his deep religious faith as an Orthodox Christian, as well as his real life experiences under communist rule.

In other words, one does not need to proselytize; it is sufficient to behave in a certain way, to be a model for others, to take action in circumstances where others would not move a finger or remain cowardly quiet. Professor Curta is the director of the certificate program in Medieval Archaeology and a founding member of the Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Florida. The result of the complicated relations between the Communist power and Christians of various denominations was that some of the latter viewed themselves as more anti-Communist than others.


Gift-giving and violence in Bulgaria and Poland. A local production is also documented archaeologically for the lamps of Iconomu’s type XXX, specimens of which have also been found both in secular and in mortuary contexts.

Studies in the Early Middle Ages, Persecutions of Christians in Romania was therefore a matter much more complicated than in other Communist countries, for example the Soviet Union. The absence of religious rights, for example, derives directly from that, as well as from the ideologically driven atheism of the system.

vlorin The grade for this class was based on 4 pop quizzes and 2 tests midterm and non-cumulative final. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Byzantinische Zeitschriftno. Avars, Bulgars, Khazars, and Cumans more.

Florin Curta – Department of History

During this period in his life, before he and his wife Lucia moved to the United States to complete doctoral degrees in medieval history, he was a direct witness to the enormous changes taking place in eastern European societies at a time when the Soviet Union was collapsing, Russian influence was diminishing, and the acceptance of communism was on the wane.

Coins and burials in Dark-Age Greece. No final, just little tests. Level of Difficulty 3. Get ready to read 5 Skip class?

The archaeological evidence, particularly that of amphorae and lead seals, points to the great significance of the quaestura exercitus, an administrative unit created in by means of combining rich provinces overseas islands in the Aegean Sea, Caria, and Cyprus with border provinces such as Moesia inferior and Scythia Minor, in order to secure both militarily and financially the efficient defense of the Danube frontier.


One could suggest, only half jokingly, that he was the original Indiana Jones. His recent studies dealt with such diverse topics as the role and significance of child burials in the earliest church graveyards; culinary practices in early medieval Eastern Europe; coins and commercial exchanges in the sixth and seventh centuries; the image of the Vlachs in the French crusade chronicles; early medieval burials in prehistoric mounds; ethnicity in the Black Sea region in early Byzantine times; the economic and funerary uses of early medieval coin imitations; and cities in Dark-Age Byzantium.

This biography of an American historian is a stub. A key problem is that of the use of coins in an If you encounter any issues with this website please contact us at editor clas. In exchange for state support, some priests accepted to use the sacrament of the confession in order to denounce their parishioners to the secret police.

Starohrvatska prosvjeta 43 He has such a deep passion for history that it really shows in his lectures.

Ds and, as a consequence, I doubt that there would be any basis in my advising others on what they vlorin do. Southeastern Europe in the Middle Ages, ca. This dude is smart and knows what he’s talking about, however it was difficult for me to keep up with his course when combined with my other courses. This paper attempts to answer a number of key questions: