A PDF version of this document is available for purchase from Sagehill Enterprises. The author of this book is available for helping with DocBook or other XML. This post is, more or less, a note to self so that I can look up how to do this later on. I use docbook to write documentation for some of my. I will not contemplate on the DocBook syntax as there are various sources on the internet that will teach you how to use the DocBook syntax for.

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These are useful for automated batch processing of many documents, so you do not have to open them one at a time in a graphical interface. Publican is used by Red Hat as part of its internal documentation toolchain, and is an open source application hosted by the Fedora project. Only the docbkx-maven-plugin is of interest, in relation to this question. Can you give a small example or a few separated onces containing some dcbook, which makes the use of all the additional name spaces necessary.

This produces a more usable index. Unzip the zip to where you want the customisation layer to be situated, this could be within the stylesheets directory or in separate directory.

For more information about the tgroup element see http: Put the following content into it:.

From DocBook to PDF using Apache FOP

This plugin will create an example docbook and can publish in html, pdf, and even ebook. The overall encapsulating element is figure the reference page for which can be found at http: Often one wants to illustrate the use of a program or a commandline, the screen element is intended to mark content up as text that a user would see on a computer screen.

Post as a guest Name. The following are some examples of using the scripts:. Special DocBook features Chapter There are gzipped tars and RPMs available, download whichever you prefer. The advantage of unzipping the zip in the same location as the standard stylesheets is that the import links may be relative the import links can always be relative assuming the stylesheets are on the same fo;, but for clarity if I am using a different directory for the customisation ffop I will make the import references absolute.


These files are probably already installed on your system, as most modern distributions of these operating systems use XML processing for some of the more popular components.

The provided customisations are listed below:. Program listings Formatting listings Tab expansion Fitting text Full-width examples Reducing font size Breaking vocbook lines External code files Missing text Using XInclude for text inclusions Annotating program listings Line annotations Line numbering Callouts Callouts on imported text Callouts on graphics Syntax highlighting Chapter But the interest of DocBook is in separating data and presenting, the possibility to create automatically documents, and the ability to generate documents from databases.

It is fo internally by FOP. It will become apparent how to use the customisation layer in the section on using the tools later. Some tools used for processing Ot use the DTD at this location, this is no good when one wants to process a DocBook document on a computer that does not have Internet access or where accessing the Internet is undesirable. DTD’s are especially useful when one wants to validate a document to check that it conforms to the DTD one claims it conforms to.

Creating user manuals for the software you are building is an important task. Instead of modifying that catalog file, create a new one called catalog in the docbook-xml Setting up the tools Chapter 1. The reference fo for the screen element can be found here: Customization methods Customization layer Writing a customization layer Using a customization layer Customizing both HTML and FO Using catalogs with customizations Setting parameters Attribute sets Completing placeholder templates Generating new templates Generated text Default generated text Customizing generated text Replacing templates Finding the right template Import precedence Passing parameters Utility templates and modes Adding new templates Formatting determined by attribute value Adding processing steps Handling new elements Template selection rules Processing instructions Customizing DocBook 5 XSL DocBook 5 customization details Annotations customization Chapter DocBook Consulting Services available.

The value you use should be less than the installed memory on the system, and should leave enough memory for other processes that may be running. Use the stylesheet parameter fop1. Some products provide a command line interface or convenience script.

For the ultimate reference guide see DocBook: They are always sick. An example is shown below:.

A template for a DocBook article is shown below:. Unfortunately at the time of writing the tools used to convert FO to PDF either did not yet implement docook feature or were in a broken state with regards to this feature so no pictorial examples can be provided. One can use the –loaddtd option to specify an external DTD to validate the file with.


docbok The ftp directory also contains devel xocbook of the software, this is for people who want to develop with libxml. The programlisting element is used to display information that should be output verbatim, that is, white space is significant.

The item within the imageobject that handles the image is imagedatait’s reference page is at http: One option you will not find is the ability to set DocBook stylesheet parameters on the command line when you use the -xsl option that processes the stylesheet. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Since I do not eocbook to repeat myself I wanted a system that is capable of generating documentation in variety of formats, PDF being the most important one.

The program xsltproc can be used to transform XML files.

DocBook, universal format for technical documents

The Unix and Windows installation paths are very similar, the differences will be mentioned where appropriate. The –valid option docbool that xmllint should validate the document against the DTD and the –noout option specifies that docbopk output should be produced if there are no errors, hence if the document being validated is valid, xmllint will exit silently.

One may also make the enumeration continue at lower nested levels by setting the continuation attribute to continues:. Download the zip or tar with bin as a substring of its name to some suitable location.

Installing an XSL-FO processor

Preparation Chop tomatoes Peel onions Mash potatoes. More information about docbool stylesheets can be found at http: Some examples of tags: And those differences can prevent your document from being transformed.

You can increase the memory allocation by adding a -Xmx option to any Java command. DocBook is one of five formats dedicated for writing technical documents, reference manuals for example.