Framo. Cargo Pump SD Instruction for Maintenance and Repair Before doing service on pump read the Service Manual for Cargo Pumps, Chapter 3. Well, he had worked on ships (tankers) with Framo pumps. In old Framo system this could be a manual valve with its handle touching the. Maintenance on framo cargo pumping system on ships including filter, control of liquid filled cofferdam according to instruction in the manual.

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Jairamkrishna Muthumaniraja Apr 1, And this is done by purging the cofferdam. In these cases we need to fill the cofferdam with some liquid DOP in case kanual loading TDI so that cofferdam is not upmp with the cargo. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Thx sir, the concept of framo system explained very well. Satyam kothari Jan 23, Before reassembling any parts, they must be absolutely clean and free from dirt, lint or other foreign matter.

Volute casing has a spiral structure.

And this video might help in understanding of how a centrifugal pump works. Vent the system regularly until the air is manjal of the system. This is because the recirculated oil is made to pass through the filter. The framo hydraulic cargo pumping system is designed for a flexible and safe cargo and tank cleaning operation on ships.


Debris switches to be checked if alarm is indicated. MySeaTime Podcast This podcast on the maritime matters will provide value to the listeners.

Framo Hydraulic Cargo Pumping System on Ships

The mode is selected in front of the Framo control panel. On each ship, there could be few locations for emergency stop for Hydraulic system. You are a very good teacher. Ask or answer a question on this forum. Could you please describe more detailed the heating system? Purging of cargo pumps to be done in accordance with separate purging instruction.

If the low oil level trip is activated, the reason for low level must be investigated. Very nice information in a simple words thank you sir manuap passing your knowledge to juniors like us.

manuwl He has done extensive research on quantitatively measuring Safety culture onboard and safety climate ashore which he believes is the most important element for safer shipping. Your email address will not be published. Before opening the hydraulic pumps or other hydraulic driven equipment, drain the oil. The power packs can be started in any sequence. Written by Capt Rajeev Jassal on March 27, Framo Cargo Pumping Tagged: Correction sir i mean its the proportional valve that was replaced.


Hence if a contact opens or there is a loose wire, an alarm condition occurs, i. However, when initiating start of the first main power pack, two of the feed pumps will automatically be manal high capacity mode before the power pack is started.

Maintenance on Framo Cargo Pumping System

Well, he had worked on ships tankers with Framo pumps. In steam turbine centrifugal mankal, this energy is provided by steam.

Further inspection intervals to be based on experience. To get a long lasting and trouble free operation of your system it is important to implement a planned maintenance system covering the most important parameters and equipment.

The cooler bundle tubes should be cleaned regularly with soft brush or chemicals to remove fouling film or solid contamination. About Capt Rajeev Jassal Capt.