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He recounts his own mystical journey through the stars in The Nocturnal Journey Kitab al-Isra written in Without the rkmi presence of his pir, and the doomed possibility that he may never answer, Jalaluddin begins the process of reacting to his own demands: The tide of singularity washes over a languishing cry, and is silenced in submission. Body, heart, and soul obscured the path, until Body melted into heart, heart in soul, and soul in love itself. How long will I be in fugnan pain?

The way of love is not a subtle argument.

When The Rose Is Gone by Jalaluddin Rumi – Poetry Reading

How do they learn it? Does the fountain consider itself separated from earth when it is compelled to break through and pour alongside its cheek? Barf buddam kudakhtam ta keh zameen mirra bakhoorad Ta humesh dood e dil shuddam ta soo e aasmaan shuddam I was snow and melted away, so that the earth drank me up Till I became one mist of soul and mounted to the sky.


Poems from the Divan of Hafiz. As self gets diminished, irfan reaches its apex. Moral and Ethical Shumara Number, Nigar,Lucknow. Khamosh kardum wa az ghair e ahl banhuftam I hold my silence and keep the unworthy in the dark Because: In asserting the identity of the subject and the object; he builds Tabrizi as a symbol for the divine Beloved, the one Being in whom all individual names are manifested and ultimately merged.

According to Murtada Mutehari, ‘irfan, is concerned with ontology, and discusses God, the world, and the human being. The quatrains of Rumi: The very notion of “journeying to God” is paradoxical. Absolute Unity- The highest beauty, the Highest Thought, The Highest Good, and yet above it- so inconceivable that it can only be expressed by negation: As low as I had sunk, I rose, faith restored from blasphemy.

Remember me on this computer. Akhtar Shahanshahi Sawneh Umri Akhbarat Urdu Sakht Ke Buniyadi Anasir.

Fughan e Rumi | Urdu Books

The seed of patience is sown in the heart, You say. Honest Mansour spoke true, as love must do, And he urmi hung by the rope of his zeal. But will it ever sprout? Self Sufficiency Even more intricate than the will to madness is the will to embrace silence.

Nought but the Sea. According to Sufis, this name indicates that other beings are nothing but false and imaginary.


The Practice of Mysticism irfan-i Amali in Islam. Maktubat-e-Hazrat Khwaja Baaqi ballah Naqshbandi dehlvi. Swedenborg and esoteric Islam p. Separately, in varying traditions, the seven ffughan of Irfan have been described as: Burhan jild,shumara-6,Jun Shumara Number According to Daulat Shah: Why so much advice about existence?

Fughan e Rumi by Molana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar

In a pronounced mystical sense, Shams can be considered an alias or takhallus for Rumi. Among the religious-philosophical sects of the period, the doctrine that was generally held was that man; left to his own devices will inevitably go astray.

Saheefa Shumara Number Biswin Sadi Krishn Chandr Number: Masnavi Maulvi Manavi Volume Masnavi. Zar Kamil-e-Ayyar maiyar-ull-ashaar Added to your favorites Removed from your favorites. How long will you still turn away from me?

Urdu Theater Volume Fiction. The search stems not from a question, but from an answer, an acceptance that there tughan no respite but in the arms of the beloved- the only obstruction remaining in this non-linear tangent of time is: Book Categories Autobiography Will your pain submit to a cure?

Who annihilated into whom?. Hikayaat-e-Roomi Part Criticism.

I am sure of that.