GamesTM. Imagine Publishing (): 26– External links TOC Previous Official website Batman: Arkham Origins on IMDb Categories: video games. Games Issue – Published 22nd March Kratos is back, everything is changing and we couldn’t be more excited. We get extended hands-on. Embed Tweet. GamesTM #, #DriveClub preview: “impressive stability, running at a cool 60fps” #PS4 60fps confermati per driveclub. PM – 16 Aug

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Review Our review of the Razer Blackwidow Elite – does it live up to the hype and the price? I buy every issue.

18 30, Walsall West Midlands. Feature OXM speaks to the professionals about exactly what game engines are, which ones they use, and how they work.

Dec 7, 4, Spain. Audience for print is tiny. Yeah this, I remember reading it quite a bit when I was younger.

UK magazines GamesMaster and GamesTM to close | ResetEra

Oct 28, I walk past their HQ quite often. That basically just leaves platform specific magazines and Edge in the UK doesn’t it? Absolutely gutted I still read GamesMaster to this day. And convinced me that Resident Evil 4 had to be the first Resi Evil game I had to try out which in turn became one of my favourite games series, thanks to that. Looking back, I think the only thing that has changed between print mags back then and digital content now are reviews I’m talking mainstream content and not Youtube personalities yelling for clicks.

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Aug 12, 3, Review Designed specifically for gaming, the Razer phone 2 is big, bright, and a little impractical to actually use. Aug 17, This will mean that I now do not get any physical magazines as all the ones I have subscribed to have closed. Oct 25, Birmingham, UK.

My auntie works for that company or used to – I can’t remember if she still does. Oct 26, Jun 14, Didn’t think they were still running.


There used to be even a Dutch edition: Deals Spend those gift cards on an awesome new console, and have enough left over for some games. Sad to see it go. Feature See which games are free with your Xbox Live Gold subscription this month.

Oct 27, 2, The English Wilderness.

UK magazines GamesMaster and GamesTM to close

GamesTM has been uniformly excellent all along. I’d have posted this earlier but only signed up yesterday and got approved today. Oct 19, 1. If you’re worried about the ecological impact, most magazines also publish digitally these days. Feature Retro Gamer talks to the people that helped make GoldenEye the iconic first-person shooter it still is today. GamesMaster was one of the reasons I got into gaming.

Deals Find the best gaming monitor to match the snazzy new PC you received for 18 this year. A sed reflection of the industry but alas print is just too slow for industry news and theres not enough people prepared to wait for them now when everything is online instantly.


GamesTM # review scores – Nintendo Everything

These quotes from the cast offer a unique window into ‘s biggest movie. Feature As voted for by the readers of Retro Gamer magazine with unrivalled developer insight into each classic gaming machine. Great games and support gave Nintendo’s console a great year. Leading indie game developers share their practical tips for taking those early creative gamestn.

If you need better audio, at cheaper prices, here are our picks for the best PC headsets for gaming right now. Edge Retro Gamer Official Xbox Official PlayStation Understandable, but pretty crazy that you’d used to get magazines per-console back in the day, as well as numerous multi-platform ones.

It will be missed.

Movie News The two Bumblebee post-credits scenes are well worth sticking around for. Deals Enjoy two of the most highly-rated PSVR games of recent times to begin your gsmestm journey and get them all for an absolute bargain.