24 heavenly stems-. 1. palm strike 2. rising punch 3. throat grab 4. head guard palm strike 5. circular deflect and hammer fist 6. horizontal chop. Gao Bagua zhang was developed by Gao Yisheng, also named Gao Deyuan, was born in Shandong province, Wuli county, Dashan village in and died in . But I once read that Gao Style Bagua differs from other Bagua styles in that it emphasize both circular and linear training, in contrast with Zheng.

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Today, there many schools and teachers that have descended from his lineage.

Gao Style Baguazhang

Zhang was a private student of Gao during his years in the city of Tianjin, China. Gao gave his lineage the name “Yi Zong”. He taught in Yang village and in Tianjin city. Xian tien contains the fundamentals of strategy and body movement of Gao style Bagua.

I’m quite happy with the Sun style. Some time between and Gao also studied Xingyiquan with Li Cunyi. When he was young his leg was broken by a mule cart and the bone was set incorrectly so Gao walked with a cane the rest of his life.

Don’t get me wrong, I like gao style. Gao style is one of the most widely practiced Baguazhang styles in the West; there are also many practitioners in Tianjin and Taiwan.

Gao Bagua Zhang compare to other Bagua Zhang

The Gao style makes it easy if you follow the baguazuang. After three years of practice with Song all he had learned was basic circle walking and the single palm change. Gao Bagua I’ve trained a little of Mr.

He never returned to Tianjin and spent his remaining years living in the back baguazhanh a Chinese medicine shop; he died in at the age of eighty-five. Retrieved from ” https: All times are GMT In particular liu fang Kai, he was bad!


Unsourced material baguxzhang be challenged and removed. Significant amounts of theory, such as the Eight Powers Ba GangThree Basins upright, slanting, flat and the Five Elements for each basin are also included in the Wu Mengxia line and other lines may contain these elements also. He does not know any two man stuff and does not teach it. I-Bagua is a return to the essence of Bagua, the core ideas and key movements.

To avoid the police Gao fled to Wu Ching baguazang outside Tianjin city. This page was last edited on 4 Juneat What do you need to move well? However, the movements are at a level of abstraction that is more concerned with possibilities of movement rather than specific techniques.

Wu Jin-Yuan was Gao’s first disciple.

Via Media Publishing Company. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Based on the above facts, it is possible that Gao may have standardized 48 of the Hou Tians from his experience with Zhou, Cheng and Li Cunyi then rounded out the total number to 64 in accordance with well-known Daoist cosmology. Naturalness and progressive training are things all martial arts strive for.

Gao Style Baguazhang – Wikipedia

That is not to say that one instructor who knows double tiger hook swords is more skilled than another individual of the same style who only knows a Dadao set. Not all of the lineages have all of the levels. Just to clear things up.

In truth, NONE The fact that Ba-Gua is not a style of standardized forms and is in truth a principle keeps it from being relegated to any form of simplicity. Most of the ba-gua taught right now comes from Cheng Ting Hua’s lineage. It is designed for you if you find the idea of learning 64 forms intimidating or too much.


Cao Cao, Martial Emperor of Wei. Even his direct students expressed doubts about this story. Another thing I noticed is that the fighting applications are clearly taught, immediately. This article needs additional citations for verification. So as a student of I-Bagua you will have certain key skills and movements to develop. What it does show baguazuang that Gao had a deep understanding of the principles of Baguazhang throughout his long career and all these schools are representative of Gao Yisheng’s teaching and philosophy.

I love all styles of Ba-Gua to keep it real. It is not difficult to imagine that Gao had learned some of them from Cheng or Zhou. To maoshan Thank you for your information. These students and schools show the progression of Gao as a martial artist.

Tianjin was a rough and violent place with many experienced martial artists, gangsters and coarse people. The Gao style system, because of Gao’s own martial progression over time, can be found to have a number of different permutations, represented in various lineages.

They are rich and intriguing, and only the most dedicated practitioners today have much hope baguazyang learning them fully. There are many other schools not listed here.

His public classes contained multiple levels, each level of study baguahzang more money; some students only wanted to learn Baguazhang for health, others for show, some could not afford to learn more than what was taught in the basic class and still others wanted fighting skill.

Results 1 to 14 of That way you can flow from one thing to another real quick. There is nothing simple about it Peace Maoshan. This page was last edited on 10 Augustat Retrieved from ” https: