Open Pit Scheduling Module In the world of open pit mining, schedules can make the difference between profit and loss. The Gemcom Minex™. Gemcom Minex Tutorial | added by users. David Guetta Sunshine ( David Guetta & Avicii).mp3. Rebel telugu movie free download. Gemcom Software International publishes this documentation for the sole use of Minex licences. Without written permission, you may not sell, reproduce, store in .

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Set the parameters to show pit2 in red and click Ok. Select the Masks data type and the Mask string type, and then click Ok. The folder might have been renamed or moved. For advice on setting up a network licence, ask your system administrator.

It explains basic concepts that you must understand in order to use the more advanced features of Minex. You have to open a geometry file because bemcom mask that you tutorual create is a string, and you have to store each string in a geometry file. You have now created a new empty parameters file.


Click Apply to see, in the graphics window, where the limits of the plan will be. The red tick indicates the mount that you tutoril currently working with, that is the one on which you are drafting. The Minex Open Pit Scheduling module is tailor-made for stratified deposit mines and is designed to help you optimise resources and minfx specific to ore extraction and dumping.

Enter the information as shown, and click the Calculate Range button. You can use a different naming convention.

Edit the Value cells so that the variables hold the information you want to see in the title block. When you understand the hierarchy and you plot geometry data, you can choose the type of data you want to show and hide the rest.



Example Button Drop-down arrow Drop-down list Icon Label Text attached to any option, box, button, or to any other element of a window or dialogue box. You can close or hide the data in several ways: These messages can prompt you for the next action to perform and give an indication of the mode you’re using. Next, mount a plan.

Create a Mask to Show an Area for Exploration Click Apply to see the section limits in the graphics window. In this manual, the following terms are used to describe actions with the mouse.

The important thing to know is that, after installing Minex, you should set the local origin to a point near the centre of your deposit.

It usually, but not always, matches the title of the command button that launched it. Classroom and Customized Training Our training courses are designed for all levels of mining professionals, from Geologists and Engineers through to Technical hutorial Project Managers. To show properties in a separate window, right-click a file, and click Properties.

Enter X and Y grid intervals of and click Ok. Begin creating a plan mount from the lower left corner of the geometry to the upper right corner: Provides intuitive graphics in a mine-planning-centric user interface, ensuring that schedules can be thtorial communicated and understood at a glance by mine personnel, equipment operators, managers, ttorial other stakeholders.

Windows and Dialogue Boxes Windows and dialogue boxes contain several elements that enable users to carry out particular operations. On the left side of the Minex window, click the Filesystems tab.

Press and hold down the left mouse button. Set up the String Create parameters as shown below and click Ok.

Gemcom minex open_pitscheduling_ds

Opening Files To view the data such as geometry, grids, triangles, or boreholes and work with it, the first thing you need to do is to open the data file. How to start Minex and work with a project. However, for most types of file, you can show it in the Graphics window by right-clicking it and selecting Display. Next open a topography grid to give you some visual reference points when you create the section line. Type in the Lower Z text box. The title block appears below the section.


You might have a sentinel designed to be plugged in to a USB port or to a parallel port.

GEOVIA Minex | Geology & Mine Planning – Dassault Systèmes®

Presentation to Minex Master Rutorial – srk. Create a Section Showing a Seam Cross-section 4. You can specify the Z elevation value in a text jinex. You can activate those commands by clicking them. Objectives By working through this document, you should be able to: GM3 and click Display. Open or create a parameters file: How to run a volume calculation with triangles.

You might decide that the exploration area can extend on the left side.

To create the topography triangle file: Set the Local Origin Before you set the local origin, you should choose some coordinates that are close to your data. Save the triangle as tops when you see the save prompt.

It also introduces you to the Grid — Compute function and the concept of how to display grids. This task explains how to set Minex to use a local licence. Enter a grid interval of X: Structure of the Geometry File A geometry file contains many different types of data, stored in a hierarchy. Labelled group of options used for many similar kinds of settings. You can also use the New Wizard to create a new empty borehole database, geometry file, reserves database or seam model.