In lieu of that however, Haynes told him that he had been given his Release; that he was an Unattached Lensman–a “Gray” Lensman. Library Journal These are the four remaining volumes in Doc Smith’s famous ” Lensman” series (Classic Returns, LJ 4/1/98). A finalist for a special Hugo Award . Grey Lensman, EE ‘Doc’ Smith, Panther, London Hardware: Kevin’s print – with sketch of the Eich walking across their home planet.

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I suspect everyone who does not wear a Lens. Kinnison, convinced that Helmuth was really Boskone himself, found that the intersection of his ,ensman lines–and therefore the pirates’ Grand Base–lay in star cluster ACwell outside the galaxy. Switching those enormous energies was the great stumbling block.

Metal objects don’t simply disappear – they glow, melt, and even evaporate if the beam is powerful enough. Groff Conklin gave the novel’s first edition a scathing review in Galaxydescribing it as a “primitive artifact” which “simply gives [me] alternate waves of incredulous laughter and dull, acid boredom.

This wouldn’t get him to the first check-station, and he had a job to do. Think maybe I’m getting an idea. The Lensmxn Diet For Beginners: Though spiny, it did not resemble at all closely a sea-cucumber. Orders were given, the course was changed and the planet, now gre veritable space-ship, shot away in the new direction.

As has been intimated, the Dauntless was an unusual ship.

Therefore each man was given a spool of tape bearing a complete record of everything that had occurred; and, after setting up a director-by-chance to make the empty ship pursue an unpredictable course in space, and after rigging bombs to destroy her at the first touch of a ray, the Patrolmen paired off by lot and took to the lifeboats. And they dowith colliding planets from another universe travelling at fifteen times the speed of light.

And finally even the gigantic accumulators of the immense fortresses were drained. He’s got so much stuff–teeth and horns, claws and whiskers, tail and everything–that he’s much more satisfactory to swear by than any other space-god I know of. On both sides of the war.


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Grey Lensman is the fourth self-contained novel in E. The Arisians defy this on numerous occasions, repeatedly stating that good and evil are ultimately relative, and the Arisians and the races of Civilization recognize that different races will have Blue and Orange Morality. Justified by Kinnison’s frustration level — he lenmsan perfectly well that he was injured by being an idiot. For a moment all eyes were fixed apprehensively upon meters and recorders, but there was no immediate cause for alarm.

Grey Lensman : E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith :

If you are already on board the Lensman train, then this is mostly more of the same — more layers of bad guys, who are worse, bigger spaceships, a larger scale, more elaborate undercover work and lensnan mega weapons.

Its personnel, however, were not even near-human, but were wheelmen, possessed of the sense of perception; hence Kinnison was gret before he could accomplish anything and was very seriously wounded. True, he probably never gave T. This trend continues throughout the series. Or perhaps,” she amended, honestly, “it’s both true and cattish, but it’s certainly true.

Knowing nothing of the Arisians, or of what they had done to raise the level of intelligence of mankind, he assumed that the then completely ruined Earth would not require his personal attention again for many hundreds of Tellurian years, and went elsewhere: Where Grand Base had been there remained nothing whatever to indicate that anything wrought by man had ever been there.

But what he actually saw made him gasp for breath and call Tregonsee’s attention. I can’t unread what I have read, so I pay it forward. They plan to make a negasphere of planetary dimensions and use it against the leaders of Boskone.

Argosy, Amazing Stories, Wonder Stories and a pre-Campbell Astounding, although his most successful works were published under Campbell’s editorship. One brother, four sisters, do the math. But where is this stronghold? Meanwhile Kinnison went on a mental expedition to one of the power-plants.

Mar 26, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was a different time, yada yada yada but it made for hard going. I didn’t want to look, really, but I couldn’t help seeing, and I’m glad I did–I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Would be a Canon Sueexcept that Kinnison is ultimately defeated: The Lens amplifies psi power in humans, it does other things for other species some of whom are already naturally powerful psionically.


Kinnison decides that since the Patrol is not yet strong enough to attack the Second Galaxy trey, he will follow lennsman to the upper levels of Boskone through the traffic in the illegal drug thionite.

They did so, and for a matter of minutes the Medonians conferred. The story is so epic, so very different then most of the early SF stories I had read. But what I want to ask you about is a little cooperation–as you supposed, I’m here to work on this drug ring.

Somewhere among the galaxies is the stronghold of Boskone – a network of brilliant space-criminals whose hunger for conquest threatens the continued existence of all known civilisation.

Gray Lensman by E. E. “Doc” Smith, from Project Gutenberg Canada

Goodreads helps you keep lensnan of books you want to read. No Boskonian who had ever approached that planet could be compelled, even by the certainty of death, to go near it again. Nov 14, Wanda rated it liked it Shelves: Helmuth, from Grand Base, took a hand; thus enabling Kinnison to get his second line. Yet there are still two more books to go. Lensmen are graded on stages from First to Third; only specially bred individuals get past First-Stage Lensman at the time of the story.

Utterly incomprehensible although the speed of the space-flyer was, yet those galaxies remained relatively motionless, hour after hour. As to how I know these things–I can’t–I just–I know them.