Inside Al Qaeda examines the leadership, ideology,structure, strategies, and tactics of the Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror. ROHAN GUNARATNA. Rohan Gunaratna: Inside Al Qaeda. Global “Inside Al Qaeda” as the undoubtedly best popular book on Al Qaida, which I have read so far. Professor Rohan Gunaratna, the author of Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror, presented on the “Enduring Terrorist Threat:” at GE Insurance organized.

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Gunaratna touches this issue, although it seems to remain unclear to him, what the actual context was: The discourse goes on blaming any pro-Western Muslim government for “fascism” or “dictatorship”, especially those, which are in fact democratic and moderate, like Turkey. A must read for anyone who wants to learn anything about al-Qaeda from its inception to how it currently operates.

Book Review: “Inside Al Qaeda” by Rohan Gunaratna

Akshaya Handa rated it it was amazing Dec 21, When the Chechens funaratna heavily outnumbered qaedaa outgunned, why would they leave their own war theater to fight in Afghanistan, where they don’t have any relations, no common language, and neither a religious kinship, except perhaps with the Sufi Tajiks of the Panjshir Valley, who used to fight against the Taliban. However, the Chechen narrative of the book is entirely careless, vague and dilettantish.

To ask other readers questions about Inside Al Qaedaplease ql up. The weapons trade and mafia myths connected with Chechens – especially in relation to “Ukrainian mafia” providing Russian arms to Al Qaeda – are unfortunately guanratna for some of the circles in German intelligence community today.

Moreover, Hekmatyar’s agents were reported to train the Russian-backed Lezgin terrorists destabilizing Azerbaijan at the Dagestani border area. They harshly exploit their mighty position in the leftist-dominated media of Western Europe and American East Coast, and greatly contribute to the equally anti-American political discourse in the Islamic countries, where the “critical” views of European and American leftist media are faithfully reprinted with short delay.


The third category of mainstream terrorism books is constituted mainly by accounts written gunwratna experienced journalists. A few disgruntled and disbanded members of the brigade resorted to terrorism in Baku, mostly bombings of public places and transport infrastructure.

Oct 23, Mike rated it did not like it Shelves: It contains details about regional operations, personalities involved, finances, and the whole nine yards.

Inside Al Qaeda: global network of terror – Rohan Gunaratna – Google Books

The strategy became most apparent when the Russian secret services insiide and raised Chechen Islamists into rebellion against Dudayev and later against Aslan Maskhadov. Feb 02, Joseph rated it really liked it.

Whether “European intelligence agencies” reproduce it unconsciously qaedq in the name of political interest is secondary compared with the devastating effect that this kind of myth-making has on true understanding of radical Islamist threat and terrorism – also in the Chechen context. VERY detailed and probably not what i was looking for.

Parts of it reminded me of reading certain passages of the Old Testament: Decent book, if not a tad dry, that has given the most details I’ve seen on this shadowy group. I made the executive decision late last night to give up on xl book.

Finally, the bomb blasts in Moscow, Volgodonsk and Buinaksk in autumnas far as any evidence is concerned, had nothing to do with Chechens, although they were used to justify the launch of a devastating second invasion to Chechnya against the secular government, not against the Islamists, who were provided safe return from Dagestan to the Serzhen-Yurt district. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It’s more of an encyclopedic reference than someone one could actually sit down and read. I should guharatna have had this much difficulty making out the text in a book but I did.


In the next parts of this book review, I will concentrate in the better and most insightful parts of the book in more detail. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Some of his insights seem speculative, but that doesn’t make them wrong. Good one at the time, just not as relevant anymore.

Maria Buttram rated it did not like it Sep 04, Since the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 11 September, gunarata, bookstores have been filled with various books on international terrorism, radical Islamist terror and particularly on Al Qaida or its leader Usama bin Ladin.

Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror

However, having now praised Gunaratna, I also have to address some serious criticism towards his book. Nikki Vaughn rated it it was amazing Jan 25, The book is informative. From the beginning, the IRP Islamists were set against the national independence movements, and they had solid links with the Qaedz and later Russian secret services. I cannot stand to read any more of this book. In fact, the Islamist parties were used to undermine the reviving nationalist movements separatistswhile they were at the same time used gunaratha construct the foundation of pro-Moscow Islamic movement aligned with the pro-Moscow Islamic states such as Syria, Iraq and Iran.

This was more from an academic side with many interviews.

Berkley Books, New York, Gunarayna Network of Terror. They like to pay attention on simplistic interpretations of the conceptions like jihad, kafirs and dhimms, recall the Assassins, and remind us of the Arab, Moor and Turkish “hordes” and conquests of “Christian lands”. Trivia About Inside Al Qaeda: