GURPS Martial Arts brings fighting styles from throughout history to Fourth Edition. GURPS Martial Arts for 4th edition is a mature product that embodies the. GURPS Martial Arts is a source book for the GURPS role-playing game, published by Steve Jackson Games; the most recent edition was scheduled to be . or point your World Wide Web browser to: ~ftp/GURPSnet/www. The GURPS Martial Arts web page is at

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The whole point of things like kata is that they teach you to use very complex tactics that you’d never think of in the middle of a harried fight.

Originally Posted by Abaddon87 That sounds great! Privacy Policy Contact Us. April Japanese edition. That’s where Perks come in. Some styles were put in information boxes throughout the style section resulting in the list not being entirely alphabetical.

Classic 3e and the current 4e.

GURPS Martial Arts | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Psi-Warsa step-by-step exploration of building your own Space Opera setting, inspired by Star Wars. However, I found that there are so many consequences to attacking a capable foe Counterattacks, ripostes, judo throws, arm locks, exposing the trick to your secret Combo awesomeness that people often fell into Evaluate when it became obvious that their opponent was more powerful than expected.

By giving the player’s signature moves and including signature moves with the NPCs, I found that my fights exploded with details and rich tactical depth. Nobody made straight attacks, because they had customized their fighting styles to support far better tactics, and clever opponents would exploit the weaknesses of a given move with their own tactics, which would lead to rapid exchanges of constantly flowing and evolving tactics.


It’s just that techniques aren’t where you go to write out how your character fights Scattered through this section is information on the Belt system and other ranking systems as well as information on specific styles and thinking like External vs.

GURPS Martial Arts

Even so, I did make some changes. The second time, it was a different game, with spearmen losing arms and getting disarmed left and right.

From popular Asian bare-handed techniques to European combat arts to fantastic non-human training, this book balances realistic historical schools with cinematic feats from Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Hollywood.

The first time, it was fairly basic.

A good martial arts game is about turning every character into a “fighter,” and still seeing plenty of diversity. Made all the difference in the world. Read the Designer’s Notes for free on Medium! Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines.

If you have a Judo of 18 and that’s “enough” for Arm Lock, you don’t take the Arm Lock technique, while another fighter might focus almost exclusively on Arm Lock.

He can and should still use Arm Lock, and if you want to remind a player to do that, you simply note down a special armlock “signature move. Sean Punch black-and-white pages, softcover. Thanks for the update. I didn’t mention how often I thought a rule needed to be changed, when it didn’t.

If you want to charge 1 point more for a trick, make it -1 more difficult. The time now is I took Toadkiller Dog’s advice about writing down the more complex moves that a fighter might use and giving them swell names.


Retrieved from ” http: What you currently have is that Hard techniques are easier to pull off by default than Average techniques That is, both a Hard technique at -2 and an Average technique at -3 cost 3 points to max out, but the Hard Technique is paradoxically easier to martiql off by default, and less worth your time to study. Perks are almost always worth it unlike Techniquesand they tend to encourage specialized tactics.

Find More Posts by Mailanka. It’s a subtle mechanic, but I found it made burps a difference. As a Taekwondo instructor, I’m always interested in how game systems handle Martial Arts. What I am basically trying to say is that as a player, the depth of the system, especially with signature moves, can really make you guprs of original and deadly tactics.

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Originally Magtial by Abaddon What’s your effective skill between Counter Attack and going after the Vitals? All times are GMT So, I need to make sure that if I attack you, I do so in a way that you can’t defend properly against, which means that I should feint against you, but knowing that I’ll feint, you might evaluate and, if so, I might be better off evaluating first as well.

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